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General Information

Ever since the last lustrum in 1989, the wish to create an alumni association for Educational Sciences was expressed. Various teachers had informal contacts with alumni of their specialization. Many (ex-)students were also interested in an alumni association. The final incentive that led to the actual foundation of an association was the thesis of Xandra Buiter from 1996. She examined the professional profile of Dutch Educationists who had jobs as business trainers: Business Trainers: Function-, Career- and Professionalization Profiles.

The Alumni Association was finally established on September 12th, 1997. After the formation of an interim Board for the Alumni Association Educational Sciences RUG, we have now established a more permanent Board. This Board consists of: chairman; drs. Erik de Graaf (samenwerkingsverband VO Stad Groningen); secretary; Marij Veldman Msc (Rijksuniversiteit Groningen);  treasurer; Nynke van der Wijk (Freelance onderwijskundige); Dominique Derks Msc (Friesland College); Sjaak van Leeuwen Msc (Onderwijsbureau Van Leeuwen); dr. Dorinde Jansma.

The general goal of the Alumni Association is: enabling and encouraging contacts and networks between the Educational Department and its alumni and between the alumni themselves. In this way, we hope to contribute to the professionalization of the alumni from Educational Sciences. In practice this would lead to:

  • The exchange of information about developments within the Department and the field of Educational Sciences, both between the Department (Staff and students) and the alumni and the alumni themselves in the shape of workshops, working visits etc.
  • Stimulating the networks between the Department of Educational Sciences and the Alumni and amongst the alumni themselves;
  • Help and assistance in the contexts of excursions, internships or jobs.

In practice this will mean that we strive for a mix of reunions (relationship with the department), networking and professionalization. The membership fee will be € 15,- per year. You can become a member by filling in the authorization form (in Dutch).

If you have any questions, or if you want further information, you may contact: bestuur.avog

The first activity of the Association was a conference on “Current Developments within Educational Sciences.” This conference took place on Friday May 15th 1998 in the New Church (Nieuwe Kerk, Nieuwe Kerkhof 1). Further information about the Association will be published in both the Dutch magazine for alumni, Broerstraat 5, and on this website.

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