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Concentrating on people

The Faculty of Behavioural and Social Sciences is a centre of knowledge focussing on individuals and society. The faculty studies issues relating to human behaviour, the relationships between people, and society as a whole. This includes the study of how people function under normal circumstances, but also of the problems encountered by individuals or groups, and how these can be resolved or prevented.

a twofold task: research and teaching

Thanks to its research activities, the faculty has become a leading centre on behavioural and social science. Its research forms the basis of its teaching programmes. Students gain insight into the latest advances in their chosen discipline. The faculty stimulates their drive for new knowledge, and to develop the skills that enable them to acquire and assess knowledge independently.

Society benefits in various ways from the knowledge acquired within this faculty. Naturally, students apply their knowledge in their subsequent jobs. The faculty also has direct connections with the professional field, in particular through the research it carries out and the advice it provides for companies and organizations in the community.  

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