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About us Faculty of Behavioural and Social Sciences Organization Faculty board and committees

Faculty Board BSS

The Faculty Board bears the final responsibility for all education and research done by the faculty. The board is also responsible for a good management of all faculty facilities.

Faculty Board

NameJob title
Aarts, prof dr C.W.A.M.Professor of Political Institutions and Behaviour, Dean of the Faculty BSS
Buigel-de Witte, M.C.Managing director, Faculty Board BSS
Veen, prof dr K. vanProfessor, vice dean of the Faculty BSS
Westgeest, A., BscStudentassessor Faculty Board

Anina Westgeest is the students' representative in the faculty board. The students' representative attends the board meetings and has a consultative voice.


NameJob title
Hooff, G.P. van denSecretary
Ruisch-de Vries, drs E.Secretary
Vorenholt, M.H.P.secretary faculty board/faculty beadle


The directors of Education

The directors of Research

The 15 basic units

Basic unit Chair
Psychometrics & Statistics Prof.dr. R.R. Meijer
Theory and History of Psychology Prof.dr.D.Draaisma
Experimental Psychology Prof. dr. M.M. Lorist
Organisational Psychology Prof.dr.B.M. Wisse
Social Psychology Prof.dr.E.M. Steg
Clinical Psychology & Experimental Psychopathology Prof. dr. P.J. de Jong
Clinical & Developmental Neuropsychology a.i. Prof.dr. K.A. Brookhuis
Developmental Psychology Prof. dr P. de Jonge

Special Needs Education: Behaviour and Parenting

dr. W.J. Post

Special Needs Education: Learning and Development

Prof.dr. A.A.J. van der Putten
Pedagogics a.i. dr. H.T.A. Amsing
Youth Studies Prof. dr. M.C. Timmerman
Research and development of Education Prof.dr. R. Bosker
Sociology Prof. dr. A. Flache
Teacher Education a.i. drs. D.W. Maandag
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