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Ethics Committee

The Ethics Committee of the Teacher Education department of the University of Groningen (ECLO) reviews (intended) behavioral research of employees or research that falls under the responsibility of employees on ethical aspects with due regard to relevant national, European, and international laws, rules, and guidelines . The commission bases the assessment on:

Regulation concerning data management:

Please note: the board advises researchers to add the following statement in the publication packages in the "ethical documents" folder.

To whom it may concern,

The Institutional Review Board (IRB) of the Department of Teacher Education was established in January 2015. Research projects which started before this official installation of the IRB did not require an approval from the IRB. All research projects before this date were reviewed by the Director of the department.

The study titled <add project name>, conducted by <add your name and that of your supervisors> commenced in <add starting date of project>. Even though the IRB was not installed when this project started, studies conducted within the department followed the Netherlands Code of Conduct for Academic Practice (2014) and the Code of Ethics for research in the Social and Behavioural Sciences involving Human Participants.


The members of the Ethics Committee are

Submission of research protocols

All research plans by Heymans staff members should be registered in the Faculty Research Portal. Once a study has been registered, you can complete your request for ethics review in EC Request, the Faculty's online module for ethics review. This application can be accessed on the intranet.

The ECLO intends to respond to requests within four weeks. Researchers may be asked to change their protocol, clarify procedures, or provide additional documents. When no issues remain, the ECLO will issue an approval letter through the EC request. It is obligatory to fully inform participants about the nature, duration, and risks/burdens of participation (informed consent). Participants must be able to make an informed decision on whether to participate in the research or not to participate.


You can contact the Ethics Committee at

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