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Course changes

It is possible to make changes to your course selection during the first week of each block. This rule applies to the Faculty of Behavioural and Social Sciences and can be different at other faculties! Hence, deadlines for changing courses might be earlier with regard to e.g. courses given at the Faculty of Economics and Business or others.

Adding or dropping courses that are considered general lectures is usually unproblematic. However, if a course involves group work and/ or in case only a limited amount of students may participate in the relevant course, it might not be possible to join belatedly. Also, keep in mind that joining a group assignment or being admitted to a course that only allows for a limited amount of students to participate means that you should be committed. Dropping out after two weeks or half-way into the semester is unfair towards your fellow students/ group members. Hence, please inform the lecturer and the Mobility Office already in the first lecture week in case you would like to deregister from such a course.

If you plan on adding a course to your study programme that is usually not open to exchange students, mind that the Mobility Office has to ask the lecturer for permission first. Be aware that the answer can be negative and that you will have to look for a different course in such case. It is therefore advisable to submit such a request as early as possible before the relevant deadline (see table below).

In general, we advise you to decide on your final course selection as soon as possible after the start of the lectures.

Deadlines for making changes to your course selection @BSS:

Block 1a: Thursday, 16 September 2021
Block 1b: Thursday, 18 November 2021
Block 2a: Thursday, 10 February 2022
Block 2b: Thursday, 21 April 2022

If you are enrolled for a course but decide not to take the exam after a few weeks have passed, please contact the Student Service Desk and ask for your exam registration to be cancelled. Do this preferrably until 1 week before the exam. The course won’t appear on your transcript of records.


  1. Mind that your home university needs to agree to the course changes!
  2. Fill in the courses you would like to add and/or delete in the Mobility Online system before the relevant deadline (see table above)
  3. Wait for the changes to be approved or disapproved
Last modified:25 January 2022 12.46 p.m.