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From a Minor to a Bachelor's degree

Become a philosopher of your own scientific discipline

If you enjoy(ed) the Minor Philosophy, and if you are looking for more intellectual challenge, you can continue your studies in the bachelor programme Philosophy of a Specific Scientific Discipline. This programme is a combination study: it consists of:

  • two years of your initial study programme (history, psychology, physics, economics, medicine....any discipline)
  • the Minor Philosophy (30 EC)
  • and an advanced 30 EC programme in philosophy

This means that after you have finished the minor programme, all you have to do to obtain a bachelor’s degree in philosophy is add an additional 30 EC!

Philosophy of a Specific Scientific Discipline programme

The programme’s aim is to deepen your understanding of philosophical issues in your initial study (or: ‘home study’). The Faculty of Philosophy offers extra courses in philosophy of science, such as:

  • Philosophy of the Social Sciences
  • Philosophy of the Natural Sciences

These specialization courses specifically address philosophical problems in your own scientific discipline. You can select additional advanced courses in e.g. political philosophy, ethics, logic, philosophy of mind or history of philosophy. The programme is finished by writing a philosophical bachelor thesis on a topic that plays a role in your home study.

The programme can be combined with all university bachelor programs. Students from all faculties are therefore welcome.

Once you have finished the programme, you will obtain the bachelor’s degree Philosophy of a Specific Scientific Discipline and you will then be eligible for enrollment in the master programmes of the Faculty of Philosophy.

If you would like to learn more about the programme, then contact the study advisor for more information. The study advisor can be contacted via fil-study-advisor

You can also have a look at the prospectus for a detailed description of the programme.

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