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Programme Overview

What is the Honours Bachelor FEB?

The aim of the programme is to stimulate students to further improve their personal skills and to find their true talents. For this purpose, participating students follow a sequence of specialized courses and activities at the FEB that allow them to go further in depth in their study area. They also follow several broader courses and workshops offered by other faculties of the University, which introduce them to other areas of study, beyond economics and business. Moreover, students will be involved in various activities organized by the Honours College that will help them develop a core set of professional skills.

If you are admitted to the Honours College, you will have to complete an additional 45 ECs on top of the standard 180 ECs of your Bachelor programme (see Programme Overview). The programme starts in Semester 2.2 of your first year of studies and finish with your regular programme in the third year of your studies.

Honours courses and activities are also planned in such a way so that they do not conflict with the student’s regular course schedule.

The HB-FEB Programme is organized jointly by the FEB and the Honours College. The FEB is in charge of the deepening part of the programme, while the Honours College is in charge of the broadening part (see Programme Overview).

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