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Selection procedure and criteria

Who can apply?

In principle, all FEB Bachelor students can apply for admission to the Honours Bachelor programme. The selection procedure, however, is competitive and our goal is to admit a group of about 65 promising, talented and motivated students from the Faculty of Economics and Business who are performing well in their regular programmes.

With that in mind, we personally invite the top 10% from all first-year students of the Faculty to apply to the HB-FEB Programme. Furthermore, we ask all staff, such as teachers or tutors, who are in contact with first-year students to identify and recommend potential candidates for the programme.

If you have not received a personal invitation, but are interested and have demonstrated your talents elsewhere, you can also apply on a ‘wild card’ basis.

More information about the whole procedure can be found on the Honours College website.

Application process and required documents

Applications must be submitted electronically via the Student Portal before the application deadline, which for this academic year is: Friday, March 8, 2019 at 4 pm. To apply for the HB-FEB programme, you should submit the following documents:

  • A completed application form in English.
  • A CV in English.
  • A motivation letter in English, not exceeding 500 words, stating the reasons why you would like to be admitted to the programme and why you think you meet the admission criteria discussed below.
  • An overview of all course grades in your regular Bachelor programme available until the application date, including intermediate grades.
  • Your grade list from secondary education and high school diploma.
  • One reference letter from somebody outside the FEB, such as a high school teacher or a (former) employer. Ideally that letter should be written in English. However, if it is not possible, you can submit the letter in Dutch.
  • he name and contact information of a FEB instructor or other FEB staff member who the selection committee could consult about your performance.
  • One reference letter from somebody outside the FEB, such as a high school teacher or a (former) employer. If it is not possible to have this reference letter in English, Dutch language is acceptable.
  • Any other awards, certificates or documents that are suggestive of your past achievements.

Selection process

The selection of students is made centrally by the Admissions Board of the Honours College. On the basis of the application material, the Board will determine which students will be invited for an interview and will inform the applicants.

Students who are invited for an interview will be notified of the date and time within a short period after submission. Following all interviews, the Board will meet and make the final decisions about admission to the Honours College.

Acceptance decisions are normally made by the end of March or beginning of April. After that, the programme will commence with a Welcoming Ceremony organized by the Honours College and which scheduled for Wednesday 5 April, 2019.

The main criteria based on which the Admissions Board assesses student applicants are:

  1. Motivation: Are you keen on exploring the boundaries of your own discipline and on looking beyond them?
  2. Ambition: Are you ambitious and want to excel?
  3. Performance: Have you performed well in your regular courses?
  4. Potential: Are you on a track to complete the Bachelor’s Honours Programme within the specified period of three years?

English proficiency requirements

Admission to the Honours College requires also English proficiency, as all courses and activities are conducted in English.

If you follow an English-language bachelor programme, this requirement is considered automatically satisfied.

If you follow a Dutch-language bachelor programme, you need to demonstrate your English proficiency.

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