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Programme structure

As part of the HB-FEB program, you can choose to follow a General Track or a Specialized Track. The Specialized track is designed for those students who who are particularly interested in deepening their knowledge in the areas of Economics and Business. Both tracks, including a deepening part offered by FEB and a broadening part offered by the Honours College, involve 45 additional EC's in total. The difference between the General and Specialized tracks is the distribution of the 45 EC's between the broadening and deepening parts. Below you find a brief overview of the deepening and broadening parts of the program. More detailed information about the programme can be found in the HB-FEB brochure.

The deepening part of the programme

The deepening part of the programme consists of a sequences of advanced courses offered exclusively for HB-FEB Honours students. These courses provide a more in-depth treatment of topics covered in regular bachelor courses and related more closely to the current research frontiers in Economics and Business.

The broadening part of the programme

The broadening part of the programme consists of courses and activities offered by the Honours College for all Honours students of the University. The broadening courses extend beyond Economics and Business and allow participating students to broaden their knowledge in other areas of study. The broadening activities are focused on the development of various research and professional skills such as writing or debating in an interdisciplinary academic context.

When does the programme start?

If you are admitted to the Honours College, you will start with the HB-FEB programme in the fourth block of the first academic year of your studies.

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