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Graduate MSc Human Resource Management - Lisa Teuber

Graduate MSc HRM - Lisa Teuber
Graduate MSc HRM
Lisa Teuber
Where do you work now? And what is your role there? What kind of activities does this entail?

I work for a fast-growing clean tech startup called EVBox in Amsterdam. EVBox is the global leading manufacturer of electric vehicle charging stations and charging management software. My role is HR Assistant & Recruitment Specialist and together with my colleague the Head of HR we are both responsible for the entire employee life cycle. This starts with all recruitment, selection and onboarding activities, but entails also personnel administration such as setting up employment agreements and all other HR-related documents, creating policies and procedures and monthly payroll processing. In the end, we are also responsible for the offboarding of employees.

In what ways did your studies at FEB help you to be successful in your current job?  

I got equipped with the theoretic background of a lot of my actual tasks now. So, knowing the theory and factual research behind some practices enables you to also question some day-to- day practices considered as ‘normal’ in the office.

Please share two of your favourite memories about your time studying at the University of Groningen.

I remember my own graduation ceremony very well, my parents came from Germany and my supervisor was giving a very personal and honouring speech. This made me finally realize that I actually made it and are now ‘done with school’. Another favorite memory of mine is my first HR student party when I got to meet all these different faces for the very first time outside class. It was just so nice to see that everybody else was also anxious about the time ahead.

What three tips would you give to students currently preparing for the job market?

I personally did a couple of internships during my studies with very different companies in different areas of HR. This allowed me to practice what I actually like and where I am good at and also equipped me with a personal network that I am still in contact with today. Thus, my three tips would be 1) join a company for a couple of months and do an internship, 2) try out different industries and different areas of your study field and 3) start building a personal network and maintain it.

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