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Pre-Master's programmes

Would you like to do a master but you don’t meet the requirements for direct entry?

No need to worry. That is what our Pre-Master's programmes are for.

Pre-Master's programmes are designed to help you enter one of FEB Master's programmes when you have certain deficiencies in your academic background. Once you have successfully completed the Pre-Master, you can enroll in the corresponding Master's programme without any trouble.

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Pre-Master's programmes

Most (HBO) students apply for Standard Pre-Master programme. This programme is the main route to enter a majority of our Master's programmes. Find out more about the difference between HBO and University.

The standard Pre-Master's programmes start in September and take one year (60 EC). We also offer non-standard and tailor-made Pre-Master's programme. Please read carefully the conditions and entry requirements for these programmes.

Choose a Pre-Master's programme

Standard Pre-Master

  • Accountancy and Controlling
  • Business Administration
  • Change Management
  • Management Accounting and Control
  • Small Business & Entrepreneurship
  • Strategic Innovation Management
  • Health
  • Finance
  • Human Resource Management
  • International Business and Management
  • Economic Development and Globalization
  • International Financial Management
  • Marketing
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Technology and Operations Management

Non-standard Pre-Master

Tailor-made Pre-Master

Structure of standard Pre-Master

Each standard Pre-Master programme is structured as described in the table below.

Period Course EC
1.1 Mathematics * 5
Master specific courses 10
1.2 Business Research Methods * 10
Master specific courses 5
2.1 Research paper 5
Master specific courses 10
2.2 Research paper 5
Master specific courses 10

*  The courses Mathematics and Business Research Methods are required to enter the Research Paper. Go to course catalogue.


A lot of students in the Pre-Master have difficulties with the course in Mathematics. This means you need a sufficient level of mathematics before you start in the pre-Master. You can check your level of mathematics online (login: gaststudent; password: hbo).

EC Rules for Pre-Master

60 EC after one year
After one year, if you have passed all the courses of the pre-Master, you are automatically admitted to the Master's programme.

50 EC after one year
After one year, if you have completed at least 50 EC of the Pre-Master - including the compulsory courses Mathematics and Business Research Methods - you cannot start the Master's programme. However, you can get an extension for the Pre-Master of maximum one year. In that year you have to complete the remaining EC's of the Pre-Master programme, after which you are admitted to the Master's programme.

Less than 50 EC
After one year, if you have not completed at least 50 EC of the Pre-Master's programme, you have failed the Pre-Master programme. Admission to our pre-Master programme is valid for only one year and you can enter only once. You cannot continue in the Pre-Master and you cannot proceed to the Master's programme. If you wish, you can enter the regular Bachelor of Science programme (most of the times with exemptions).

Admission requirements

The admission requirements for our Pre-Master's programmes have become less restrictive. If you have an NVAO accredited HBO degree (240 EC) you can enter our Pre-Master's programmes. However, your Pre-Master year might be more demanding. Of course, this all depends on your motivation to succeed. You determine your own study success.

If you have a Business or Economics related university (WO) degree, please check the Teaching and Examination Regulations whether or not you are directly admissible to a Master's programme.

Please check the entry requirements for the non-standard Pre-Master Accountancy & Controlling and for the tailor-made Pre-Master's programmes.

English language requirements (for applicants with a non-Dutch diploma)

  • Our Pre-Master programmes are entirely in English. Your level of English must be sufficient to study successfully. We accept the following test results: IELTS 6.0 overall (Speaking 6, Writing 5.5); TOEFL iBT 90 (Speaking 20, Writing 20); or C1 Advanced (Cambridge Advanced).

How to apply

The Pre-Master's programmes only start in September. Depending on your previous education and the Pre-Master you decide to apply, you need to follow the following steps:

Students with a Dutch diploma

In order to apply for the standard Pre-Master's programmes you need to register in Studielink. Please read the instructions for your registration in Studielink very carefully and follow thesteps precisely.

For the non-standard, tailormade Pre-Master's programmes and applicants with a WO diploma, you need to register in Studielink and the Online Application System (OAS). Please note that for these programmes, you are required firstly to register for the Master's programme of your choice. If you do not meet the requirements for direct admission, you will be advised to register for one of the Pre-Master's programmes.

Applications must have been submitted in Studielink no later than 1 May.

Students with a non-Dutch diploma

For international applicants with a non-Dutch degree it is not possible to apply for the Pre-Master's programmes directly. You should apply for a regular Master's programme of the Faculty of Economics and Business. If your credentials are insufficient for direct admission into the programme, the Admissions Office will assist you with your registration as an international Pre-Master student.

You need to register online on Studielink and the Online Application System (OAS). For more information on the application steps, see How to apply. The application deadline is 1 May.

Please read more about tuition fees here.

Georgi Dosev (Pre-Master Finance, Bulgaria)
Georgi Dosev (Pre-Master Finance, Bulgaria)
"I decided to do my Pre-Master at the University of Groningen due to the level of education, the international accreditations and the city itself. I think the Pre-Master is very comprehensive and detailed, a good preparation for ​my Master's next year. I find the teaching style very structured and that helps me a lot to manage all the study workload. To bridge the gap between theory and practice, I joined the Risk study association, where I learned so much about investing and managing assets."
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