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About us FEB Education / FEB Admission and application Application route - Bachelor Apply for a Bachelor

Step 1: Entry requirements

Our entry requirements can be divided into three different blocks:

  • Previous education
    We will consider the level and curriculum of your previous studies.
  • Language requirements
    You need to start off with a good command of English. Therefore, a proof of proficiency in English is required.
  • Level of mathematics
    For one specific Bachelor's degree programme, a higher level of mathematics is required.

Previous education

In order to be eligible for admission to one of the above programme, you will need one of the following pre-university education:

  • an International/European Baccalaureate diploma;
  • or a secondary school / pre-university diploma that is equivalent to a Dutch VWO diploma (academic stream) that permits admission to an undergraduate programme in Economics and Business in the Netherlands. Please consult our list with international and country-specific qualifications that are VWO equivalent.

Important to know: Your application will be assessed on an individual basis by our Admissions Office. The admission procedure includes evaluating your pre-university or academic credentials. You need to apply for the programme of your choice in order to for the Admissions Office to evaluate your educational background and assess your eligibility.

Language requirements

For our Bachelor's programmes which are taught in English, you will need to have a good command of the English language. For the BSc Bedrijfskunde (Business Administration), which is taught in Dutch, you will also need to prove your profiency in Dutch by passing the State Examination in Dutch as a Second Language (NT2-II).

Accepted English tests and scores


  • Academic overall score 6
  • Speaking 6
  • Writing 5.5

TOEFL internet-based

  • Overall score 80
  • Speaking 20
  • Writing 20


  • B2 First, C1 Advanced or C2 Proficiency (overall score 169, Speaking 169, Writing 162)

The English language proficiency test scores (IELTS and TOEFL) cannot be older than 2 years. Please note that TOEFL MyBest Scores are not considered in the admission procedure.

Exemptions for language tests

You are exempt from proving proficiency in English if you:

  • are a native speaker and have completed secondary education in one of the following countries: USA, UK, Ireland, New Zealand, Australia, Canada (English secondary education)
  • have already completed a bachelor programme in one of the following countries: USA, UK, Ireland, New Zealand, Australia, Canada (English higher education)
  • have an International Baccalaureate, with English as the medium of instruction
  • have a European Baccalaureate diploma, English as a final exam subject
  • apply with 3 British A-level certificates (or more)
  • meet the requirements for one of the accepted exemptions on this list

Please note that these language exemptions do not apply to Pre-Master's programmes.

How to submit your test results?

Depending on the test you decide to take, you need to send the following documents:

  • IELTS: a scan of the score report can be uploaded in the Online Admission System (OAS) or sent by email. We can verify the score online.
  • TOEFL: initially, a scan of the score report can be uploaded in OAS. If you are admitted, we need to receive an original score report. Please ask the Educational Testing Service to send it to us, using institution code 7191.
  • Cambridge Certificate: initially, a scan of the score report can be uploaded in OAS. If you are admitted, we need to receive a certified copy of the certificate.

If you already have taken a language test you can directly upload it with your application.

You may apply for a degree programme, even though you have not yet taken an English language test or while your test score is still insufficient. In that case, you might be conditionally admitted with one of the conditions for final admission being that you take and pass a (new) test.

Also mention any other proof of English proficiency (for example, if you have spent a year studying in the UK or the USA in your final year of secondary school).

Deadlines to submit the English test results

The Admissions Office should have the test results before 20 August (for EU/EEA students).

For non-EU/EEA students the deadline to send the test results is 1 June. Otherwise, there is insufficient time left for the visa application procedure.

Level of mathematics

Mathematics is one of the important courses you need for all of our programmes. Therefore, it is important that you can prove that your level of mathematics is sufficient.

Standard/methods level subject

For BSc Economics and Business Economics, BSc International Business and BSc Bedrijfskunde (Business Administration), mathematics should have been passed as a standard/methods level subject in your secondary school education.

Higher level (advanced) subject

For BSc Econometrics and Operations Research, mathematics should have been passed as a higher level (advanced) subject in your secondary school education.

Please note that for all the BSc programmes, the level of mathematics will need to be assessed by the Admissions Board. Do you have a deficiency in your level of Mathematics?

What documents do I need to apply?

For a complete overview of all documents you need to upload, please check the application checklist.

Contact the Admission Office

Do you have questions about the entry requirements? Please feel free to contact the Admissions office.
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