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VWO-equivalent qualifications

Academic year 2024/2025

On this page you will find a list of qualifications that are considered equivalent to the Dutch pre-university diploma (VWO). If your qualification is not listed below, please know that you can still apply, as all applications are assessed on an individual basis.

This list is subject to change and will be updated annually. Additional requirements may apply.

International qualifications

American High School Diploma (see USA)
CAPE (Caribbean Territory)
European Baccalaureate
GCE A2-levels (British Examination Board)
International Baccalaureate

Country-specific qualifications

Country not listed?

If your diploma country is not in the list it may be that the secondary education diploma in your country does not meet our general end level requirements for admission. However, if you are obtaining international certificates such as 3 British Advanced Level certificates*, 4 International Baccalaureate Higher Level certificates** or 3 AP College Board certificates*** in addition to a secondary educational diploma you may be admissible with regard to our general end level requirements. Click on the aforementioned certificates or find them in the list of the previous page to find out whether you meet the subject-specific requirements per study programme (if applicable). If this is not the case for one or more relevant subjects, you have the option to lift a deficiency by obtaining one of our accepted certificates for the relevant subject(s).

If your diploma country is not mentioned in the list and if you do not intend to obtain the aforementioned international certificates but will complete a year of higher education at a university or college we also encourage you to apply. Please make sure you add your higher education transcript, information about the study programme, including total amount of credits and credits intended to be obtained before leaving the programme, to your application when applying.

* from an accredited British exam board
** externally examined by the IBO (grade 4-7)
*** externally examined by the College Board (score 3-5)

N.B. All applications are assessed on an individual basis. Additional requirements may apply. No rights can be derived from the above-mentioned information.

N.B. No rights can be derived from the above-mentioned information.