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Education Why UG?

MechanicalEngineering at the University of Groningen

Are you interested in science and would you like to apply your knowledge to real-life problems? Then studying Mechanical Engineering at the University of Groningen will be the right fit for you. Engineering offers you an interdisciplinary, dynamic and competitive programme which will prepare you for the job market after graduation. Curious what more you can expect?

As an Mechanical Engineering student at the University of Groningen, you will:

  • gain a combination of scientific and technological knowledge and work on finding answers to topical real-life questions.
  • be part of our international and challenging community of students, professors and researchers.
  • apply your knowledge to real cases through internships with local and multinational companies.
  • contribute to our mission of bridging scientific innovation and major practical challenges, and of showing the scientific importance of solving such problems.

As an Engineering graduate, you will be well-prepared to take on positions in research or product and design development, but also in management in both academia and industry. During your studies, you will gain in-depth scientific and technical knowledge of your field, as well as managerial skills and creativity. These skills will all be encouraged during your time at the University of Groningen and will greatly benefit you in your career.

Last modified:06 December 2022 08.50 a.m.
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