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From applying to arriving in Groningen: everything you need to know

Date:08 May 2024
Everything you need to know from applying to arriving in Groningen!
Everything you need to know from applying to arriving in Groningen!

The whole process of applying to the University of Groningen, getting accepted and moving to beautiful Groningen can be overwhelming. Especially if you’re an international student, there are many things you have to think about before and after arriving in the city. That’s why we’ve collected all our previous blogs about everything you need to know about the process. Think of what you can expect after submitting your application, housing, visas, Dutch healthcare and more!

#1: Tips to Ace Your UG Application!

In this blog, Luc talks about what you need to do to apply for your programme and how this process goes. He explains what different aspects of the list of required documentation entail, such as course descriptions, the motivation letter, a transcript of your results, proof of English Proficiency, and more. He also gives additional tips about the Bachelor’s and Master’s application process.

#2: What can you expect after submitting your application?

After applying you might wonder what is going on and when you will receive a response. This blog will give you all the answers. Anna talks about when you can expect an answer, what to do when you have questions, what the status of your application means and what to do when you’ve been accepted!

#3: The immigration procedure explained

If you are an international student and have been accepted to the UG, you probably need to go through the immigration procedure. Ariana gives you insight into whether you only need to get a residence permit or a long-term multiple-entry visa as well. The blog also includes a step-by-step video on the procedure, and links to an overview of the process, the deadlines and our Student Journey tool that helps you to see what is required in your specific situation.

#4: 6 essential steps to put on your pre-arrival checklist

Apart from the immigration procedure, there are other things you have to keep in mind while planning your move to Groningen! In this blog, Khushboo gives you more information about visas but also touches upon rental contracts, health insurance and other necessary documents. A must-read!

#5: Hunting for a home in Groningen? Here are some tips to help you along

It’s important to have secured a place to stay before you arrive in Groningen, preferably before the 1st of August. The UG does not provide housing, so it is solely your responsibility to find housing. As house hunting in Groningen can be quite a task, especially if you’re an international student, Abibat gives you some tips to help you along.

#6: A step-by-step guide to finding accommodation

Where Abibat’s blog mainly focuses on the different types of housing you can find in Groningen, this blog gives you handy tips covering the whole process from start to finish. It elaborates on thinking about what you’re looking for in a place and preparing your pitch to get the room, which is the key to success!

#7: How to avoid being scammed while looking for a home in Groningen

Unfortunately, you have to be on the lookout for scammers while searching for a room. Bharath gives you insight into scam patterns and some red flags to look out for regarding communication, viewing, registrations, payment methods and contracts. It’s a good blog to read before or while house hunting.

#8: Post Arrival Guide: Settling into Groningen & Must-Do’s for International Students

Moving to a new country is very overwhelming, that’s why Khushboo gives you some tips on what to do after arriving. She talks about a few crucial tasks that require your attention such as registering at the municipality, getting your BSN (social security number), opening a Dutch bank account, getting Dutch health insurance and registering with a GP, and more.

#9: Navigating Healthcare in the Netherlands

All international students must be covered by some form of health insurance while residing in the Netherlands. But what kind of health insurance? And how does healthcare in the Netherlands work? In this blog, Luc comes to the rescue! He talks about the different sorts of healthcare insurance, healthcare allowances and more.

#10: 6 steps to a healthy life in Groningen

Although this blog also covers health insurance and registering with a GP like Khusboo’s and Luc’s blogs do, it also talks about who you need to turn to first when you have health problems (it can be different from other countries!) and what you can expect from Dutch healthcare. She also elaborates on what to do when your mental health deteriorates.

#11: How to spend your first weeks in Groningen

After moving to Groningen, you might wonder how you’re going to settle here for the next few years. Real ‘Groninger’ Maimoena gives you tips on how to spend your first week in Groningen to feel more at ease and ready for a new, big adventure! She talks about outside activities, cultural activities, the best food places, and more.

#12: Introduction Weeks Available to UG Students

Last but not least, Luc’s blog is all about the introduction weeks, such as the KEI-week, LEIP!, and the ESN week, which are available for students in Groningen and Leeuwarden. Going to such an event is a great opportunity to get to know the city and to make new friends.

Hopefully, this overview of blogs will help you prepare for your studies at our university and life in the Netherlands. See you in Groningen after the Summer!

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