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Making new friends in the KEI week

Is Groningen as good as people say it is?

Date:16 September 2019
First-year International and European Law student Luc talks about his first impressions of Groningen
Just a casual conversation between me and a machine

Everyday Dutch Words All Internationals Should Know

Date:12 September 2019
In this blog I have summarized some of the most commonly used everyday words and phrases you might hear when you speak with a Dutchie.
Best way to enjoy the last days of summer: at a festival with friends!

#TheCityIsOurCampus 13-15 September

Date:12 September 2019
This weekend in Groningen: the last of the festival season, Open Monument Day, DOT dome cinema, SUP with ESN and much more!
When you're super excited that it's finally time to leave the UB again

Your first weeks of uni in 10 GIFs

Date:10 September 2019
10 very relatable gifs summarizing the first weeks at uni!
Just being artsy

#TheCityIsOurCampus 06-08th September

Date:05 September 2019
This weekend in Groningen: The Groninger museum night, a chili eating contest and digital theater.
"Sorry, do you know where the library is?"

10 essential places to find during your first weeks at uni

Date:05 September 2019
So you’ve finally arrived in Groningen and are ready to start off your first week as a freshman. But hold on a minute! Where can you buy fresh and cheap food? Where can you register with the municipality? In this blog post, I will give you a quick rundown of all the places you should check out during your first week so that you don’t get too lost amidst the bikes and canals.
ESN week memories!

#TheCityIsOurCampus 30th August - 1st September

Date:29 August 2019
The last weekend before uni starts: Welcoming Festival, ESN week, Eierballenfestival and much more!
Slightly obsessed with some of these podcasts

Podcast Recommendations for Students

Date:23 August 2019
Podcasts are a great way to keep your mind engaged when you're feeling lazy. Read more for Marije's top 5 podcasts recommendations for students!
Groningen getting busier and busier

#TheCityIsOurCampus 23-25 August

Date:22 August 2019
This week in Groningen: LOFT party, Noorderzon, Kermis (fun fair), an air run festival and more!
Picture taken when it actually still was summer in Groningen

#TheCityIsOurCampus 16th-18th August

Date:15 August 2019
This weekend in Groningen: KEI-Week, Noorderzon festival tips, vintage markets and the opportunity to experience life as a fisherman
Pro tip: wear matching shirts so you don't lose each other

5 Getaways from Groningen

Date:01 August 2019
Decided to stay home this summer but regretting your choices? Or need some vacation inspo to keep you motivated next school year? Read my top 5 (cheap) destinations from Groningen!
Catching up on all the fun reading you weren't able to do during the school year

Reading tips for the summer holidays

Date:25 July 2019

If you are like me, summer means finally taking some time off and trading textbooks for books that are actually fun to read. In this blog, I have compiled some of my book recommendations for this summer. Most of the books on this list are fairly short, humorous...

spending as little as possible at the market

Saving Money as a University of Groningen Student

Date:24 July 2019
Coffee at the UB Starbucks, lunch ‘salade’ from the Albert Heijn, dinner at the Pastafabriek, drinks at Pintelier… life in Groningen sure can be expensive, especially if you don’t keep an eye on your wallet. At some point, you can’t justify this type of spending to yourself (nor your parents) anymore. So, what’s the best way to cut back and save as a student in Groningen?
Danique and me trying to find the right lecture hall (didn't manage)

How to prepare for your first university lecture

Date:23 July 2019
One thing that fills a lot of new students with a mix of anxiousness and excitement is the first lecture at university. In this blog, I will try to give you some personal tips on how to prepare for your first lecture, so that nothing can go wrong on your first day as a university student.
Thinking about houses or home?

How to battle homesickness in your first weeks at uni

Date:23 July 2019
Homesickness is probably a feeling that most new students coming to Groningen will be familiar with. In this blog, I want to share with you some of my tips on how to combat this feeling and give some advice on how to make it a bit easier for you to settle in into your new student life. 
Enjoying the summer in Groningen

The Complete Guide For Your Move To Groningen #monsterblog

Date:23 July 2019
Author:The Blog team
Starting your new student life in Groningen is going to be great. The next few months will be a super exciting time for you, from moving away from your parents (to a different country!) to making new friends, getting to know a new city and passing your first exams. In this monster guide, the student blogger team is here to help guide you through everything you need to know - step-by-step.
Oh the joys of 21st century life

Useful apps to download when moving to the Netherlands

Date:23 July 2019
In this day and age, certain apps make life just so much easier. Read Danique's overview of which apps are most useful when moving to Groningen!
winner winner chicken dinner

5 easy student recipes to impress your friends with

Date:22 July 2019
For young aspiring academics, time is sometimes rather scarce in the midst of long library sessions and late-night social events which means that convenience is written with a big C. This is why in this blog, I have compiled five easy to make student recipes which don’t require a lot of time and are easy to make when living on a budget!
Friends since day one

Making Friends in Your First Year

Date:19 July 2019
Excited to start university, but nervous about making friends? Don't worry! Everyone is in the same boat and open to meeting new people. Read more for some tips about what you can do to meet new people when you first come to Groningen.
the welcoming team in their bright red hoodies

Making the Most of the University Welcome Days

Date:16 July 2019
If you’re beginning with your first year in September, then this blog is for you. Every year, University Welcome Days are organised for incoming students who are coming to start their studies in the Netherlands. Read this blog and make the most of these Welcome Days.
be prepared to struggle up dutch stairs with your suitcases

Packing to come to the University of Groningen 2019

Date:16 July 2019
So, you’re starting at the UG in September 2019. So exciting. But what should you bring - and what’s best left behind? In this guide, I’ll try to help you a bit based on my experience.
Trust me, Linkedin (or anything else) works better than this.

How to find an international student job in Groningen

Date:11 July 2019
Welcome to our ‘How to:’ series! In this blog series, we will try to explain to you how to find your way around Groningen, your studies and student life in general (fully DIY proof). Today, our How to blog will deal with a hot topic which we get a lot of questions about: Finding a job in Groningen as an international student! 
Experiencing the ESN intro week a second time as a guide

My ESN and KEI-Week Experiences

Date:09 July 2019
"It's been a few years since I first signed up to the introduction weeks in Groningen as a new student, and I have absolutely no regrets." Read more to find out about Marije's ESN and KEI-week experiences.
Holiday mode: On

#The CityIsOurCampus: 5 - 7 July (Outdoor Special)

Date:04 July 2019
This week we have the last #TheCityIsOurCampus before heading off for a summer break! To celebrate the summer we have compiled a list of the best outdoor events happening this weekend in Groningen, including beach parties and a food truck festival.
Pro tip: hang up your Dutch flag horizontally to avoid misinterpretations ;)

5 things I love about the Dutch

Date:02 July 2019
Ahhh the Netherlands. The home of Gouda cheese, tulips, canals and, of course, the Dutch. In this blog post, I’ll try to describe some of my observations about the Dutch that I have made over the past few years and point out some things that I especially love and would not want to miss.  
Alumni Stacey looking back at her time at the University of Groningen

3 Things I Learned While Studying Law At The University Of Groningen

Date:27 June 2019
Alumnus Stacey gives a few simple tips to remember during your studies
When you find the AC unit at work

10 Ways to survive the heat in the Netherlands

Date:25 June 2019
Danique's creative guide on how to survive this summer's heatwave
Friends visiting for the summer

#TheCityIsOurCampus 28-30 June

Date:25 June 2019
This weekend in Groningen: USVA at the park, a swimming pool party, Noorderplantsoen volleyball tournament and more!
Pro tip: study with friends - it might not be more productive but it definitely is more fun.

Favorite study spots in Groningen

Date:24 June 2019
Danique's guide to all the best study spots in Groningen - in and outside of the university!
Finding a place in Groningen...

A step-by-step guide on finding accommodation

Date:21 June 2019
Before finally making the trip to Groningen to become a freshly baked resident of the Netherlands, there is one thing that every student has to do: find a place to stay. In this blog post, I will share some of my personal tips on the how’s, what’s, when and where’s of the Groningen housing market.
When Summer finally arrives in Groningen

TheCityIsOurCampus 21-23 June

Date:20 June 2019
This weekend in Groningen: Stadspark live, salsa night, summer vibes rooftop bar and lots of parties!
Preparing for the herring party

#TheCityIsOurCampus: June 13 - 16

Date:12 June 2019
This weekend in Groningen: Lustrum gala, the terrace festival, herring party, and much more!
Who needs a moving truck when you have a bakfiets?

The 5 first things to do when you get to Groningen

Date:11 June 2019
The essential things to do once arriving in Groningen!
Join Holi: the festival of colors this weekend with GISA!

#TheCityIsOurCampus 7-9 June

Date:05 June 2019
Night of Arts and Science, Holi, Chinese Culture day, Totally Shifted and much more!
This picture has nothing to do with the Night of Arts and Sciences. Oh well...

My picks for The Night of Arts and Sciences

Date:31 May 2019
On Saturday the 8th of June, the annual Night of Arts and Science will be held throughout the whole city.
Will I be featured at the cycling film festival?

#TheCityIsOurCampus 31.-02. June

Date:29 May 2019
This weekend in Groningen: Queer Pride, a film festival about cycling and a deep frying festival (+ great weather!)
Working on my vintage style since 1994

#TheCityIsOurCampus 24-26 May

Date:23 May 2019
This weekend in Groningen: A sheep shearing fest, Iftar, vintage markets and sporting events (+ a special bonus tip).
Coordinate your outfits with your friends and get people to guess who you are all night!

Lustrum gala outfit inspiration: Iconic 90's outfits

Date:22 May 2019
A collection of iconic 90's stars for lustrum gala inspiration
The last temple event MasMas

Temple: The Student DJs new to the Groningen Music Scene

Date:21 May 2019
Temple Groningen has seen a rapid rise - the founders have gone from DJing in their student house to hosting a party at one of the most famous venues for techno in Groningen: Graanfabriek. So I sat down with two of the founders to find out what someone would find at a Temple party and what makes it a unique experience.
As you can see, gala's are always a good time

The UG Gala: What To Expect

Date:17 May 2019
What the lustrum gala is and why you should go!
Totally baked this myself.....

A “quick” introduction to lustrum

Date:17 May 2019
Confused about Lustrum? Here's a "quick" guide introducing you to Lustrum and the related events!
chilling at the Hoornsemeer is always a great idea as well

#TheCityIsOurCampus 17-19 May

Date:16 May 2019
This weekend in Groningen: our top party picks, the Eurovision finals, ESN Culture event, language lessons and more
Flyers everywhere you look

Election Blog: What type of student would the parties be…?

Date:15 May 2019
In this blog post I’m going to try to break down things a bit for all of you out there who don’t know who to vote for, by asking a straightforward question: What type of student would each party be if they were a real person?
Embrace the Dutch culture and lifestyle and meet new people in Groningen!

A Spaniard in the Netherlands: Quick Survival Guide

Date:13 May 2019
Candela shares her experiences as a Spanish student living in Groningen.
Podcasts = Love

Seven great podcasts you might not have heard of...

Date:10 May 2019
Whether you are on your way to uni, doing sports or just hanging out - podcasts are a great way to relax and maybe even learn something new on the way. In this blog post, I want to share some of my favourite podcasts with you that you might not have heard of:
All ready to trade my plants

#TheCityIsOurCampus 10-12 May

Date:09 May 2019
This weekend in Groningen: ESN international dinner, plant trade, parties and much more.
Proof I go to the library sometimes

Top 10 Ways To Convince Yourself You're Surviving and Thriving at Uni

Date:07 May 2019
It’s already the fourth block, and when you look back it all seems like a bit of a blur. Time has gone so fast and you’re not sure you’ve got a good routine going. Don’t worry, after reading through these tips, you will be able to convince yourself when you look back that you were thriving at university. 
Germany x Netherlands

I am German and this is why I love Liberation Day

Date:03 May 2019
Liberation Day is celebrated each year on the 5th of May to mark the end of the occupation by Nazi Germany. But how does it feel to be in the Netherlands as a German student during Liberation Day? Does one feel uncomfortable, weird or even guilty? Read Asmo's blog to find out why he loves to celebrate this day with his Dutch friends.
Marije having a blast at last years Liberation Day festival!

#TheCityIsOurCampus: Liberation Celebrations Special

Date:02 May 2019
Find out what to do on Liberation Day! Our tips include festivals, exhibitions, discussions and more!
First thing I wish I had learned: how to fix your bike (would've saved me a lot of money for repairs)

10 things I wish I had known in my first year

Date:01 May 2019
University teaches you a lot, here are some tips that I would've told my first-year-self if I had the chance.
Celebrating the King's b-day in style

Why King’s Day is the biggest party in the Netherlands

Date:26 April 2019
You might be wondering why all the Dutchies around you are so excited about the King’s birthday. Well have no fear, Danique is here to explain why the Dutch love to celebrate this birthday like no other.
King's Day ready

#TheCityIsOurCampus 26-28 April

Date:25 April 2019
This weekend in Groningen: our top party picks, King's Day events, Irish dancing lessons and more!
When all else fails, just go out to eat

Learning to Cook at University

Date:24 April 2019
Some pro-tips to help you develop your cooking so you can impress your friends and relatives.
Pro tip for everyone who is staying in Groningen for Easter: go to Noorderplantsoen!

#TheCityIsOurCampus 19-22 April

Date:18 April 2019
It’s an extra long weekend (4 days) this weekend which means there is more to do in Groningen!
Asmo just casually annoying everyone in the UB

The Top 10 Most Annoying People You Meet in the UB

Date:17 April 2019
Some may love it, others might hate, but everyone has spent at least some time there during their studies: The University Library (UB).
when you find the perfect plant at the flower market

How to Celebrate Easter Like a Dutchie

Date:16 April 2019
Find out more about celebrating Easter in the Netherlands (giving yourself an excuse to go to Brunch with your friends 3 days in a row)
Are you ready for some silent disco?

#TheCityIsOurCampus: 12-14 April

Date:11 April 2019
This weekend in Groningen: A look behind the scenes of Dutch student associations, free language courses and a silent disco at the Grote Markt!
Working hard, or hardly working?

Must-watch Netflix Documentaries/Docuseries

Date:10 April 2019
Educational procrastination at its best: netflix documentaries!
our legitimate band entry for the KEIxUsva contest

#TheCityIsOurCampus: 5-7 April

Date:03 April 2019
This weekend in Groningen: our top party picks, exam weeks, KEIxUsva band contest, Dutch language lessons and more
"Pretty in Pink" 21 diner

5 Weird Dutch Student Traditions

Date:02 April 2019
Dutch student Culture: a guide for internationals. Read more to find out about 5 Dutch Student traditions that internationals might find weird.
This is what giving up looks like

The Cons of Student Life

Date:27 March 2019
Read the second part of this blog series discussing the negative sides of student life.
You should be a student too (beach and sun not included)

The Pros of Student Life

Date:26 March 2019
Read the first part of this blog series, discussing the benefits of student life.
Best thing about having friends who live far away: when they come visit you in your new city

Maintaining a long-distance friendship at university

Date:22 March 2019
Top tips on how to keep your best friends close when you move (far) away
Ugh, why, and what even?

15 Tips to Find Motivation When You Really Need It

Date:19 March 2019
15 easy pro-tips to help you find the energy and motivation to study
Another perk: the beautiful martini tower

10 reasons Groningen is the best place to study in the NL

Date:15 March 2019
All the inside information about why Groningen is the best place to study in NL
Volunteer - Good for you, good for the world and good for your resume!

The Ultimate Student Bucket List: Make the Most of Your Time in Groningen!

Date:05 March 2019
Find out how to make the most of your student life in Groningen with these tips!
Making some new Dutch friends along the way!

6 reasons why you should join Experience Groningen

Date:26 February 2019
Here's 5 reasons why you should join Experience Groningen on the 8th and 9th March!
Should be enough mayo to make it through the week

The Top 10 Dutch Traps for International Students

Date:24 February 2019
A list of the top 10 Dutch traps that international students are likely to encounter when they actually move to the Netherlands.
Asmo remembering Valentine's Day with his ex

The Ultimate Valentines Day Guide: UG Edition

Date:13 February 2019
It is that time of year again. Either you love it or you hate it, there is no in between. The rose-filled, chocolate coloured holiday is back to haunt us: Valentine’s Day. If you’re wondering what to do to celebrate this yearly confrontation about your love life, we’ve compiled a list of things to do - for those in relationships, and those who are alone.
I missed out on all this good food that my family had during the holiday!

Everything you should know about Chinese New Year

Date:08 February 2019
Chinese New Year is one of my favourite times of the year, not only because I get hongbaos (I’ll get back to this a bit later), but because its a time where the family gathers together and we celebrate by eating dumplings and watching the New Year Gala show. You probably already know that each year is represented by a different animal. This year is the year of the pig, but what does that mean?
How I actually get all of my political information

What is it like to study International Relations?

Date:06 February 2019

As someone who has been studying international relations for the past 3 years, I thought I would tell a bit more about the programme for those wondering what it is like to study international relations and international organisation (IRIO).

A product of my procrastination skills: pretending to be a wizard

New Year's Resolutions: Procrastinate Less

Date:01 January 2019
Marije's step-by-step plan on how she plans to follow through on her top priority New Years resolution: procrastinating less.
No better way to enter the new year than with friends and sparklers

#TheCityIsOurCampus: New Years in Groningen

Date:27 December 2018
The best inside information about how to celebrate New Years in Groningen!
Anna in Egypt

The lowdown on doing an internship abroad

Date:26 December 2018
Author:Anna Blake
Anna was able to go on an internship within her area of study, International and European Law. Read about her experience abroad working in a law firm in Cairo.
Celebrating Christmas Eve in India!

How International Students Celebrate Christmas

Date:24 December 2018

Finally, it's Christmas! Most international students in Groningen use their Christmas holidays to travel back home and spend the days with their family. However, the style of celebrating Christmas might vary quite a bit, depending on your family and where you...

That moment when you come home for Christmas and meet your old squad!

Christmas with your Family in 10 GIFS

Date:19 December 2018
Check out this blog post to find some of the typical stages everyone goes through when going back home for the holidays. Can you relate?
Why not invite your work friends to Friend-mas?

How to Celebrate Friend-mas

Date:17 December 2018
Christmas is right around the corner and all everyone has been talking about is their travel plans to go home and spend it with their family. Unfortunately, not everyone can travel home and spend time surrounded by those who love you. Or you may want to have a pre-Christmas Friendmas before everyone goes home for the holidays.
If you want to learn Dutch, be Dutch!

How to learn Dutch in 5 steps (explained by an international)

Date:16 December 2018
In this blog post I want to share some of my personal tips on how to learn Dutch with you so that you know where to start. Succes!  
Vicki and Marieke at the Peace Summit

Attending the Peace Summit in Bangkok

Date:11 December 2018
Author:Marieke and Vicki
Master students Marieke and Vicki's experience attending the inaugural peace Summit for Emerging Leaders 2018 in Bangkok, Thailand.

Agustina's Groningen Bike Vlog

Date:28 November 2018
You might think you know how to ride a bike, but do you also know what “shark teeth” are and what happens when there is an “all direction green”?
My friends and I feeling at home at one of the nightclubs

An African students' guide to working, living, and feeling at home in Groningen

Date:28 November 2018
Moving to a new country and culture, especially when you are on your own, can be a daunting experience for anyone. From finding jobs and work experience to hair shops and nightclubs, here is a list of tips, tricks and places that can make life as an African student at the University of Groningen more enjoyable.
Me just casually trying to critically reflect on my knowledge

Five tips to choose a Master’s program that fits you

Date:16 November 2018
in this blog post I will try to give you some personal tips on what to consider when choosing your Master’s program
It fell down while I was sleeping, so I still need to work on my decorating skills

How to decorate your Student Room in Groningen

Date:09 November 2018
Finally have a little bit more time to start thinking about how your room is decorated? This blog gives a few tips ranging from wall decoration to the actual furniture in your room.
Here is Arthur showing off his product at Venture Lab

Starting a company during your studies: a conversation with a student entrepreneur

Date:06 November 2018
You’ve heard the stories. Mark Zuckerberg founding Facebook at university, in between learning how to drink water. Larry Page & Sergey Brin starting Google during the studies in their first step to taking over the world. How is it to start a business while you are studying? I spoke to UG student Arthur, founder of, about his experiences starting a company during his masters.
Our Indonesian Student Ambassador Bayu

Video: From Indonesia to Groningen

Date:01 November 2018
Our Indonesian Student Ambassador Bayu shares his story of moving from Jakarta, Indonesia to Groningen. Learn more about his connection with the Netherlands and the Dutch people.
At my sister's graduation: whole family dressed in traditional clothing!

9 Things All African Students in Groningen Will Recognize

Date:30 October 2018

There are some things we all experience when first moving to Groningen. Which of these do you recognize?

See here: Ellen hard at work

What are exams like at the University of Groningen?

Date:29 October 2018
All the inside information about what exams in Groningen are really like
Go-to Budget Costume

Best and Worst Halloween Costumes for UG Students

Date:25 October 2018

Going to a Halloween party this weekend? Want to dress up but not sure what to wear?

Basically Harvey Specter

You know you're a law student when...

Date:23 October 2018

Cases, opinions, articles, and legislation - this is what every law student is dealing with on a daily basis. Reading 1000+ pages for Market Regulation? “No problem”, says the average law student while wiping his tears with Directive 2011/83. The only problem...

Best part of Autumn: the technicolored leaves

How to survive Autumn in the Netherlands

Date:12 October 2018
Advice and tips on how to survive the autumnal season in The Netherlands
The author on the pinnacle of his 5 minute career as a DJ

5 songs about Groningen that every student should know

Date:05 October 2018
Whether it is about the beauty of Noorderplantsoen, chilling on a rooftop with view on the Martinichurch or procrastinating in the UB's coffee corner, these are five songs that every student in Groningen should know
Clearly no one's having fun with the Dutch lunch option and the wind, but at least we're saving money

Ten Things Every International Recognizes About Studying In The Netherlands

Date:03 October 2018

Having survived a month of university here in Groningen, you may have experienced some of these points already. Although I’m half Dutch and recognize some of the points below as part of my own character (thanks mom), there are other aspects about studying in...

Some of my group and I setting up the first launch

The Weather Balloon Chronicles: A story of a group project in my bachelors

Date:28 September 2018
At times during your studies you get to do something which reminds you of why you chose to study that subject in the first place. For me, one of the highlights of my studies so far has been a group project that I did at the end of my first year studying Physics. This is the story of that experiment. Enjoy!
Sunroots were one band to perform at the Welcoming PARTY

Aftermovie Welcoming PARTY

Date:22 September 2018
On 30th August this year, the University of Groningen welcomed over 2600 new international students with a Welcoming Day followed by a Welcoming Party for both international students and first-year Dutch students. It was a great way for new students to get to know each other, have fun, and enjoy themselves as students for perhaps the first time.
If all else fails, just eat gigantic pizza slices every day

3 Simple Meals That Keep You Going In Your First Year of Uni

Date:12 September 2018
You’ve just moved to Groningen and for the first time, you are completely independent on what you want for dinner. No more parents or siblings dictating what is on the menu: it’s all you. While at first you went all out by ordering pizza, sushi, or burgers every night - you’ve realized it can’t go on like this anymore because your bank account is almost drained and you still have 3 weeks left until payday.
Actual picture of me as a first year student

Your first week at University in 10 GIF’s!

Date:07 September 2018

Congratulations! If you are reading this you have most likely survived your first week of University. Finding your way through the city while meeting a ton of new friends wasn’t always easy, but it definitely was a lot of fun. To celebrate this, we have compiled...

Food! Glorious food!

Restaurants from around the world in Groningen

Date:07 September 2018
Groningen has a lot of options to cook your own international meal. But in the end, we’re still students, which means cooking takes up valuable time from our busy busy lives. Luckily, there’s plenty of restaurants serving food from all over the world in Groningen - here are our best picks.
You can BBQ anywhere if you're brave enough!

Best BBQ Locations in Groningen

Date:29 August 2018
The academic year has started, but summer is still here (for now). Check our list of best BBQ spots in Groningen!
You can also pretend to row boats on the Grote Markt. Photo: ESN Groningen

Bucket List: Things to do in your first month in Groningen

Date:17 August 2018
Our blog team has been living in Groningen for a while now, but we too were once new and overwhelmed by all the things you can do here. We thought we'd list the best things a brand-new Groninger should do in order to make your life a little bit easier. If you don't want to do all forty, just do number #1 forty times.
Welcome to the Netherlands!

How to make the most out of the University Welcome Days

Date:10 August 2018
The new year is about to begin and for everyone starting their first year in Groningen, the welcoming weeks can be a bit overwhelming (speaking from experience). So, we've made a list to help you out. As our first tip says, don't worry about doing everything, and don't forget to have fun!
Here's Lauren, trying to look smart

Ask a student: why a Science bachelors?

Date:08 August 2018
I asked my friends Lauren, a fellow Physics student from England escaping the high tuition fees and the collapsing government, and Brayan, an Applied Mathematics student from Bulgaria escaping the beautiful women and nice beaches, about why they chose Science bachelors. Here is what they had to say!
Join Marisha as she tells us about her first week in Groningen

Marisha's student vlog: My first week in Groningen

Date:01 August 2018
Join student vlogger Marisha as she shares her experiences about her first week in Groningen, from parties at the introduction week to practical things to do when you've just arrived.
Your friends may not enjoy it as much...

Buying foods from home

Date:31 July 2018
Cooking international isn't hard in Groningen if you know where to go. Here's where you can find everything you need to cook your favourite dishes.
"This is fine"

How to survive the heatwave

Date:24 July 2018
Need help surviving this heat? We’ve got you covered with these genuinely helpful tips.
#12 worked wonders for this happy couple

25 pick-up lines for UG students

Date:06 July 2018
Not having a lot of luck finding “the one”? The UG is here to help. We’ve come up with some of the best pick up lines for anyone studying at the University of Groningen. Remember to let us know in the comments if any of these helped you score your dream guy/gal.
Running away from your responsibilities and working out at the same time. Talk about efficiency.

6 weird ACLO sports you should try

Date:03 July 2018
ACLO has so many different sports, there's most likely some you've never heard of. Fear not, I braved the unknown and got you the 6 weirdest (but actually really fun) sports to try out.
Listen to the crazy cat lady

How to survive your final bachelor science project

Date:27 June 2018
Doing your final bachelor project can be a daunting task. However, no matter how scary it is, you have to do it to write that sweet sweet BSc next to your name. To help you through the process, I have, together with a bunch of friends who are just finishing their project, outlined a few tips to help you survive your final bachelor project.
Graduating just in time for that looming existential crisis

Help, I'm graduating!

Date:19 June 2018
Help, I'm graduating! Luckily it's not all bad, here's some great tips for anyone who plans to graduate in the future (hopefully all of you!)
Enjoying a very rainy Glastonbury festival

Summer festivals: the blog team review

Date:13 June 2018

Summer is here! For me, that means only one thing: festival season is upon us. Back when I was finishing high school, I used to spend my summers at different festivals as a volunteer. I have been in love with festivals ever since - the atmosphere, the music,...

I love the coffee corner. I still come there to not study sometimes.

10 types of people you'll meet at the UB

Date:08 June 2018

Aah, the University Library, known as the UB among students. Not only the place to study, but also a place where many species of students gather and live in harmony (mostly) every day. We sent a team of our best field researchers out there to document all the...

Grabbing some friends and chilling in the sun is the way to go!

7 tips for the perfect summer

Date:05 June 2018

What makes up the perfect summer? To me, it’s a mix of discovering new places, meeting up with old friends, making new friends and a beach or two. In this blog post, we give you tips for this summer - whether you want to stay in Groningen, want to discover...

The duality of a science student

5 Things That Happen to Every Science Student

Date:30 May 2018

As a student at the Faculty of Science & Engineering, you get a very similar experience as every other student - with a few notable differences. As a Physics student, I have decided to list five things that happen to every single science student!

That's me at the canals!

16 Things That Will Happen to every German Student in Groningen

Date:30 May 2018

Hey everyone!

Get that precious sleep when you can!

5 kinds of naps you'll take at University

Date:25 May 2018

Every student knows of the complicated relationship between Uni and sleep. You love it, you need it, you crave it and yet hate yourself for having too much of it.  You can never get enough of it and constantly obsessively think of it. I have never slept more...

Still can't quite figure it out

The best of the worst science jokes

Date:22 May 2018

´╗┐Think science students aren't funny? Think again! (or don't really).

Moving places in true student fashion

Student stories: Bakfiets-ing around the city

Date:18 May 2018

I recently had to move to a new place in Groningen. Having been here for a year now, I have successfully convinced myself to stay on. Thanks to the city and its marvellous students for that! Well anyway, as I was sitting in bed one night not many moons ago,...

We could all save a little money sometimes. Or a lot, most of the times.

Vlog: Marisha's 7 tips for saving money

Date:16 May 2018

Student vlogger and International Chemistry student Marisha gives her 7 tips for money management whilst at the University of Groningen or generally in the Netherlands. Her tips range from saving and budgeting tips, to apps and discounts from student societies...

Pasta has that rare combination of being affordable and edible at the same time :)

Five Veggie Pasta Recipes for the Poor Student

Date:11 May 2018

I love cooking, but cooking can become tedious when there are a million other things to be doing. It’s hard to know what to throw in the pan, particularly when the fridge is full of random impulse purchases. Money and time are precious resources for us students,...

Me, my friends and the UCG building :)

Liberal Arts and Sciences at the University College

Date:07 May 2018

Whenever I tell people that I study Liberal Arts and Sciences at the University College Groningen (UCG), I am met with puzzled looks- “Liberal Arts and what??” Certainly, the all-encompassing name of the degree, “Liberal Arts and Sciences”, is a tricky one...

Join our students as they their hardest not to embarrass themselves

International Students Try Dutch Games

Date:26 April 2018

Watch our International Students try crazy Dutch Kingsday games such as spijkerpoepen (nail-pooping), koekhappen (cake-biting) and snoephappen (candy-bobbing). Ellen, Joey, and Peter face off to see who can come out on top, and also try out some of the weirder...

Don't forget your orange outfit!

King's Day 2018 Bucket List

Date:23 April 2018

First time celebrating King's Day in the Netherlands? We've made a bucket list, so you'll know what to do (and what not to do). 

Our theme was probably looking good, or something

5 tips to throwing an amazing house party

Date:23 April 2018

Hosting an amazing party is something on everybody's bucket list. Now, with Kingsday around the corner, we have found 5 tips for you to throw an awesome party, so enjoy!

We can't all be as classy as the Queen, but no one's stopping you from trying!

How to be as classy as Queen Máxima

Date:22 April 2018

Queen Máxima, wife of the Dutch monarch King Willem-Alexander (or WimLex as the Dutch colloquially call him) is known for always being calm, composed and classy. We’ve cracked the secret of Máxima, so check out our four tips for being as classy as Máxima (or...

Statistics: #1 moodkiller

How to survive your Statistics Course

Date:13 April 2018

There are a few certainties in life: death, taxes, and if you’re studying at the University of Groningen, your first-year statistics course. Love it or hate it (anyone in the first category? Report to your local medical research centre - they’ll want your DNA),...

Hanging out near the docks

Students Guide to finding accommodation

Date:09 April 2018

Any international student knows the struggle of finding accommodation in Groningen. As the influx of international students is rising, the amount of available housing is decreasing- resulting in the surge of competition with it. However, there is no need to...

Perfect podcast listening weather!

10 best podcast picks from a university student

Date:06 April 2018

Now when I think of podcasts, I think of my dad listening to the radio because he can’t work out how to use Netflix yet. However, recently I got a bit sick of my music (I like James Blunt, but I can only listen to You’re Beautiful so many times before wanting...

The Dutch are even crazier than usual on King's Day. Photo: Leeuwarder Courant

King's Day for n00bs

Date:04 April 2018

King’s Day is the national holiday of the Dutch, much like Independence Day in America. On King's Day, people dress up like crazy and celebrate their love (or obsession?) for the country. For those of you that are spending their first King’s Day in the Netherlands,...

Hard at work or hardly working?

International's guide to finding a job in Groningen

Date:30 March 2018

If you’re an international student who is trying to find a job in Groningen, then you know that it isn't always easy. Some places require that you are able to speak Dutch and other places might say that you don’t have the right experience. Here’s a list of...

These guys wish they were #4 on the list, but are actually more like #1

The 5 Housemates You Will Have At University

Date:26 March 2018

Every other Monday over the next few weeks, I will be posting a different blog related to student rooms. The first of the series is this: the five different housemates that you will have at university!

A few more months and this will be our view again

Spring is coming: 6 activities you shouldn't miss

Date:21 March 2018

Having survived the ‘Beast from the East’ I think that all of us are very happy that the Weather is finally warming up as Spring is well and truly on its way. As an international student growing up in Kenya, a country without seasons, I was really excited for...

Navigating Groningen is a lot easier with your phone!

10 apps that'll make student life a lot easier

Date:21 March 2018

Everyday student-life can be filled with stress, for Dutch and international students alike.

Go green for St. Patrick's Day!

Our picks for celebrating St. Patrick's Day in Groningen!

Date:14 March 2018

Sláinte! St Patrick's day is upon us! The day of the year where everyone wears green top hats, drinks bright green drinks and clings desperately to any Irish connection they may have somewhere in their family tree. For me, it's my grandparents - my Irish friends...

There's always time for a game of Bingo!

University Lecture Bingo: Things that happen every lecture

Date:13 March 2018

Check out these things that every student - at least the ones who go to class - will have seen in most of their lectures. You can even make this a game using our readily available bingo card (for the low price of zero euros), because let’s face it… you weren’t...

Cycling is one the first things you'll learn in Groningen!

15 things that will happen to you as an International Student in Groningen

Date:07 March 2018

Being an international student in Groningen is a great experience. However, with living in another country brings some experiences that may seem strange at first (or second) sight. As an international, you’re bound to experience at least one of these things...

Popcorn makes everything better!

11 films UG students shouldn't miss

Date:28 February 2018

With Oscar night coming up now’s a better time than ever to catch up on your movie backlog. We’ve made a selection of relatable, inspiring and hilarious movies for UG students. Let us know what you’re watching in the comments or use #MyUGstory.  

See Marisha's week at the UG!

Marisha's Student Vlog: A Week at the UG

Date:27 February 2018

Join Chemistry student Marisha as she shows us a week in the life of an International Student in Groningen. She tells us all about surviving the Dutch weather, biking everywhere, preparing Indian-style dinner with friends, enjoying a workout at the ACLO and...

Frascati Family

Going Dutch: Studying in the Netherlands

Date:23 February 2018

“What’s it like out there?”

Skiing with my friends :)

Travel Blog: Weekend Away?

Date:20 February 2018

Bringing some youthful vibes to the board

The student within the board

Date:16 February 2018

Hello everyone! My name is Saina and I am the Student Assessor of the Board of the University. Our University has a central governing body consisting of three men: the president, vice-president and rector magnificus. For a year I join these very-well-educated...

Love is in the air this week!

Valentines 2018: our best date ideas for students

Date:12 February 2018

With Valentine's day right around the corner, we’ve compiled a list of the best things to do this Valentine's day in case you didn’t already have plans whether it be with your S.O. or if you’re spending it in solitude. Also, check out this Spotify playlist...

How many languages do you speak?

Konrad's Student Vlog: Learning Dutch

Date:08 February 2018

Hello guys! Check out Konrad's new vlog about learning Dutch! He takes Dutch language classes with his girlfriend and gives some helpful tips on learning to speak like a true Dutchman. You'll never pronounce "Van Gogh" the same way again!

Sunrise at Paterswoldemeer

Nature Escapes

Date:06 February 2018

See you at the Open Day!

5 tips for Open Day success

Date:30 January 2018

University Open Days can be a great asset in making a decision on where to study. During the open day, you can get all the information you need about the programmes you are interested in as well as get a feeling for the student life in the city you are interested...

Studying is better together!

From High School to University: a New World

Date:22 January 2018

Representing the UG at a study fair!

How to: prepare for a successful career

Date:16 January 2018

While I was studying, preparing for my career wasn’t much on my mind. I focussed on passing classes I enjoyed, chilling with friends for hours on end and of course going out. Looking back, I wish I would have prepared slightly more - which would’ve saved me...


Konrad's Student Vlog: Food in Groningen

Date:14 January 2018

Hello guys! Check out our new vlog about food in Groningen. Our student vlogger Konrad visits the Vismarkt with his girlfriend to make some interesting meals. He also interviews other International Students about their experiences with food and food in Groningen...

About to have an underwater date with sharks and turtles at 'Divers Paradise'

Studying Abroad Right - the Student Perspective

Date:11 January 2018

The first semester is ending, so a lot of students are preparing to embark on one of the best student experiences: go on exchange. If you are one of these students, I bet you are feeling a bit nervous and excited, and are curious to know what to expect. If...


Marisha Student Vlog: #MyUGStory

Date:10 January 2018

Hi Guys! My name is Marisha Agarwal and this is my #UGStory. In this video I am going to talk about 4 things, namely “How did I find the university?”, “What made me choose the university”, “First Year Experience”, “Present Day: Second Year”

One of my favorite coffee spots!

Lets have a coffee break!

Date:06 January 2018

Hey! Coming to University includes taking exams and studying throughout the year, and I definitely also need coffee to fuel these study sessions. The University of Groningen has just renovated the University Library (UB) in the city centre, which is where I...

On the "bakfiets"!

Going Dutch: Save Money!

Date:04 January 2018

One of the most annoying university experiences is experiencing extreme FOMO because you are low on money and waving goodbye to your friends whilst they go out. However, after studying in Groningen for 3 years, I’ve picked up some money saving tips and tricks...

First week in my new room!

The hunt for a perfect home

Date:18 December 2017

If you are a prospective student about to start life at the University of Groningen or if you’ve already been studying in Groningen for a year or two and want to get to grips on how to secure the best accommodation during your studies, then look no further!...

Cycling around Groningen!

Why I chose Groningen

Date:13 December 2017

University of Groningen in Hamburg

How to: Make the most of a University fair

Date:06 December 2017

There’s more to visiting fairs than avoiding eye contact whilst trying to grab as many freebies as possible!

Dancing with my dispuut at SIB Gala

Student associations, should I join?

Date:04 December 2017

I was just starting out my new life in the city of Groningen. It was my first time living so far from home. A big change, and change is scary for sure. I came here for my studies, but also so much more than that. I wanted experiences. Groningen is a melting...

My holiday group!

Celebrating the Holidays in Groningen

Date:28 November 2017

When I was an undergraduate student in Pennsylvania, USA it was just a few hours drive to my home. I had the opportunities to go home for Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, or any random weekend I desired. However, now that I am abroad I don’t have that option...

Law-vlogger Lilia

#MyUGStory: Lilia

Date:16 November 2017

Hey guys, thanks for tuning in to this video. My name is Lilia and in this video I'll talk about the University of Groningen and why I chose to study here.

Back in time in Volendam!

Exams are over – take a break and go on a day trip

Date:14 November 2017

Happy days: the first exam period of the new year is over! The abundance of stress and lack of sleep has ended and no matter how your exams went, you deserve a break. So what are you going to do to celebrate? You can catch up with your friends; spend an entire...

Studying at the UG

How to study like a boss at the UG

Date:25 October 2017

Moving to Groningen

Moving to Groningen! Now what?

Date:18 October 2017

Moving to a new country may seem intimidating at first. You’ll be in a new place with new people, but you will also have a lot of new experiences to go along. When I first received my acceptance letter I was both excited and nervous--excited for this adventure,...

Preparing for Whalewatching!

Oh Canada!

Date:11 October 2017

When I started my studies at the University of Groningen, little did I know that barely two years later, I’d find myself living, studying and travelling in Canada. But there I was, and going on exchange to Montreal turned out to be one of the best decisions...

Opening of the KEI-week

Starting your life as a student in style!

Date:04 October 2017

As a guy from a small rural village, I’d been to Groningen a few times to visit the university before I started, but I wasn’t very familiar with the city. So I gathered two friends and together we signed up for the KEI-week, the yearly week-long event hosted...

Best things about the UG

The best things about the UG

Date:28 September 2017

Over the years I’ve studied at the UG, I’ve taken and passed tons of exams, I’ve written as many essays and I’ve read thousand of pages of textbooks. I’ve walked and cycled the streets of Groningen countless times, tried every store in the city and I’ve been...

ESN week: party like the Dutch!

Your First Week in Groningen--ESN style

Date:21 September 2017

Before arriving in Groningen, I signed up for the ESN Introduction Week to get to know the city and the international student community. After moving into SSH, the majority of my housemates were also participating. Although we were mostly separated into different...

Traveling like the Dutch!

Travelling like the Dutch: on your Bike!

Date:14 September 2017

Noorderzon Festival

Don't miss summertime in Groningen!

Date:07 September 2017

After a year's worth of hard work, cranking out essays and studying for exams until you start dreaming about your textbook, it’s finally time for summer! If you’re anything like me, you’ve been looking forward to the summer break since at least February. The...

Honours College

Honours College: for those that want a bit more

Date:30 August 2017

Not long after I got my first taste of the University of Groningen, I decided to apply for the Honours College, a programme designed to add extra depth and breadth to the regular study programme. Four years later, the Honours College is responsible for some...

Boating around in Giethoorn!

Day trips you don't want to miss

Date:23 August 2017

Although there is always something to do in Groningen, there are also some day trips you shouldn’t miss out on. The Netherlands is relatively small and easy to travel around.  My housemates and I would get group train tickets and take trips to Amsterdam, Rotterdam,...