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Myth Nr 3: There are windmills EVERYWHERE

Debunking 8 Myths About The Netherlands

Date:03 March 2020
For anyone who has not been here yet, it is easy to imagine the Netherlands as a country where people live in windmills and dance around in tulip fields in their wooden clogs. In this blog, Asmo has debunked some of the most popular myths about the Netherlands, so that you won’t arrive here in your brand new clogs and be disappointed. 
PSA: biking in the summer is much more fun than in the winter

How to survive bike life in the Netherlands

Date:10 February 2020
Finding the Dutch bike culture pretty daunting? Read Danique's top 5 tips on how to survive Dutch bike life!
The Dutch grading system can be quite confusing sometimes...

What Dutch grades actually mean

Date:24 January 2020
The vast majority of students in the Netherlands are only awarded grades between 6 and 8. So what do Dutch grades actually mean? Before you have a nervous breakdown, or your parents disown you for ‘only’ getting a 7, make sure to read Asmo's blog. 
A Dutch fave: cheese fondue for dinner

Embracing your Dutch side at Uni

Date:24 January 2020
Want to embrace your Dutch side and integrate with Dutch culture? Danique has 8 tips to help you with that!
The Dutch get pretty literal with their words

Top 7 Crazy Dutch Words

Date:18 December 2019
One of the best things about the Dutch language is the amount of crazy words that exist. Here are my favorite 7.

How to throw a Dutch birthday party

Date:12 November 2019
Gefeliciteerd! It’s your birthday. Seeing as you are living in the Netherlands, it’s time to throw a proper Dutch birthday party. Don't know how? Then Danique has you covered with this blog!
Tip 1: always send tikkies when paying for someone else

How to be cheap like a Dutchie

Date:18 October 2019
Always wondered why people ask to "Go Dutch" when splitting a restaurant bill? Read Danique's blog on all the best ways to save money like a Dutchie!
A Bulgarian, a Spaniard, a Costa Rican, a Slovakian, a Bonairean, a Dutchie, and a Ukranian: 7 nationalities in one single picture.

6 Times I Struggled with Cultural Differences in Groningen

Date:08 October 2019
Culture shock is different for everyone. But, once you move to Groningen, culture shock might just be a completely different experience than anywhere else.
Asmo as chairman of his study association board, ELSA (European Law Students Association).

Why you should join a board or committee

Date:04 October 2019
Author:The Blog team
Thinking about becoming doing something next to your studies? Asmo and Danique share their experiences in student boards and committee work.
Prof Dr Asmo (PhD in Photoshop)

The 5 Basics of Student-Professor Etiquette

Date:24 September 2019
Many students ask themselves how to appropriately approach their professor. That is why in this blog, Asmo has compiled some tips on the right student-professor etiquette so that you don’t end up being 'that' student. 
Just a casual conversation between me and a machine

Everyday Dutch Words All Internationals Should Know

Date:12 September 2019
In this blog I have summarized some of the most commonly used everyday words and phrases you might hear when you speak with a Dutchie.