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Education Frequently asked questions

Legal position

  • Teaching and Examination Regulations (OER)

    The Teaching and Examination Regulation provides an overview of the rights and obligations of a student on all kinds of matters, such as the structure of the study program, admission requirements to a certain year of the study program, the sequence of study components, the practicals, the form of examinations and student counseling

    An overview of the Teaching and Examination regulations can be found on theTeaching and examination regulations per faculty page of our website.
  • Student Charter

    The Student Charter provides an overview of the rights and obligations of both students and the University of Groningen.

    More information can be found on the Student Charter page of our website.

  • Complaints, objections and appeals

    You can submit a complaint, objection or appeal to the Central Portal for the Legal Protection of Student Rights (CLRS).
  • Confidential advisor and student counsellors

    At the University there are two organizations you can go to if you have a question regarding a confidential matter, complaint or appeal procedure.
    • Confidential advisor
      The confidential advisor deals with discrimination, intimidation, aggression and violence.
    • Student counsellor (log on the Student Portal)
      Student counsellors of the Student Service Centre know a great deal about study facilities, grants, study delays and possibilities for obtaining financial support.
    The confidential advisor and the student counsellors sometimes deal with similar problems, but with a different emphasis. In some cases, you will be referred to someone else.
  • More information legal position ...

    You can find an overview of the regulations of the University of Groningen on the Rules and regulations page of our website.
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