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Studying with a functional impairment

  • What is a functional impairment?

    All health problems that may lead to study problems. These may include:
    • AD(H)D
    • Auditory impairment
    • Autism (ASD)
    • Dyslexia or dyscalculia
    • Physical disability (including: chronic illnesses, such as Chrohn's disease, diabetes, asthma and CFS)
    • Psychological disability
    • Visual impairment
    Temporary health problems may also lead to a functional impairment and thus provide a reason for adaptations to the teaching or additional financial support.

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  • What facilities does the University of Groningen offer to students with a functional impairment?

    Information about the facilities can be found on the Studying with special needs page on the UG website.
  • What financial support is available to students with a functional impairment?

    Students who incur study delay as a result of a functional impairment can initially appeal to the University of Groningen Graduation Fund. A number of conditions apply to this, the most important of which is that you always report study delay to the study advisor as soon as possible. More information can be found on the Graduation Fund page (log in with p or s number).

    In some cases and under certain conditions, an extension of the student finance at DUO is an alternative option. In addition, DUO offers a number of other schemes, which always require the support of a student counsellor from the University of Groningen. More information can be found on the Student Financee page (log in with p- or s-number).
  • How can I prevent RSI?

  • I need expensive care that is not covered by my insurance. Can I get assistance?

    If you have to incur costs that you cannot reasonably afford yourself, you should first appeal to the support services of the University of Groningen, such as the psychologists or the student counsellors. If that is not possible and you have to use a – more expensive – service from outside the institution, the Emergency Fund of the University of Groningen may offer a solution. You can contact the UWV for suitable aids, for example for a good desk chair at home or temporary taxi transport to and from lectures.

    Please contact the Student Service Centre via ssc-info
  • What does the Advisory Committee for Students with a functional impairment do and how can I apply for membership?

    The Committee promotes the interests of all University students with a functional impairment. It functions as a platform and sounding board for policymakers on the one hand and students and lecturers on the other. The membership consists of six students who are 'hands-on experts' and an equal number of University staff members. The full Committee meets five times a year, while the various workgroups meet as the see fit. Student members receive a substantial remuneration. In addition, membership looks good on your CV.

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    Contact the Student Service Centre via ssc-info
  • I have a functional impairment and depend on a car. Can I get a parking space?

    If you are dependent on a car for your transport to the institution due to your functional impairment, you may in certain cases qualify for a parking space near the lecture hall. For this it is necessary that you discuss your request with a student counsellor via a personal appointment.

    Please contact the Student Service Centre via ssc-info
  • ECIO, expertise centre for students with a support question

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