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Studying with a performance disability

  • What is a performance disability?

    All health problems that may lead to study problems. These may include:
    • AD(H)D
    • Auditory impairment
    • Autism (ASD)
    • Dyslexia or dyscalculia
    • Physical disability (including: chronic illnesses, such as Chrohn's disease, diabetes, asthma and CFS)
    • Psychological disability
    • Visual impairment
    Temporary health problems may also lead to a performance disability and thus provide a reason for adaptations to the teaching or additional financial support.

    More information?

  • What facilities does the University of Groningen offer to students with a performance disability?

  • What financial support is available to students with a performance disability?

    Minor delays can be financially compensated by the Graduation Fund of the University. You are only eligible if you satisfy the requirements.

    If your study is delayed substantial due to a disability, you can apply for an one-time extension of your study grant of DUO with a year. Here too, you must satisfy the requirements. In exceptional situations, you may also be eligible for an extension of your graduation period.

    What should you do?
    If your study is delayed and you think you are eligible for financial compensation, than report the delay always to your study advisor, and make an appointment with a student counselor of the Student Service Centre. The student counsellors are an important link in the application procedure.

    Discuss with the student counsellor how to state your request on the DUO-form. Complete the form, ask your doctor or psychologist to sign the relevant sections and then send the form back to the Student Service Centre. Once the student counsellors have approved your request and it has been officially signed by the University of Groningen, the form will be sent back to your home address, and you can then send it to DUO. Don't forget to make a copy of your request before mailing it.

    DUO will only accept forms that have been approved by the student counsellors. A signature from your study advisor or professor will not suffice.

    Please contact the Student Service Centre via ssc-info

  • What should I do to becom eligible for these facilities?

  • How can I prevent RSI?

  • I need expensive care that is not covered by my insurance. Can I get assistance?

    If you are unexpectedly faced with costs that you could not reasonably be expected to fund, the first port of call is the support services of the University of Groningen (the student psychologists and student counsellors). If they are unable to help, and if you have to use an external – more expensive – service, you may be eligible for assistance from the Emergency Fund of the University of Groningen. If you require special assistance (e.g. an adapted chair for your desk at home, or transport to/from lectures by taxi on a temporary basis), you can apply to the UWV, for example.

    Please contact the Student Service Centre via ssc-info
  • I have dyslexia. What can I do?

  • I have an autism-related disorder. Is there assistance available?

  • I suffer from ADHD. Will I be able to function as a student?

  • What does the Advisory Committee for Students with a Performance Disability do and how can I apply for membership?

    The Committee promotes the interests of all University students with a performance disability. It functions as a platform and sounding board for policymakers on the one hand and students and lecturers on the other. The membership consists of six students who are 'hands-on experts' and an equal number of University staff members. The full Committee meets five times a year, while the various workgroups meet as the see fit. Student members receive a substantial remuneration. In addition, membership looks good on your CV.

    Want to know more?
    Contact the Student Service Centre via ssc-info
  • Ik heb een functiebeperking en ben afhankelijk van een auto. Kan ik een parkeerplaats krijgen?

    Als je vanwege je functiebeperking afhankelijk bent van een auto voor je vervoer naar de instelling kom je in aanmerking voor een parkeerplaats in de buurt van je collegezaal. Hiervoor is het noodzakelijk dat je een medische verklaring van je huisarts of specialist overhandigt aan de Arbodienst van de Rijksuniversiteit Groningen. Je kunt de praktische zaken bespreken met je studieadviseur.

    Please contact the Student Service Centre via ssc-info
  • Handicap + Studie, Dutch expert centre for studying with disabilites

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