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Study delay

  • What should I do if I incur study delay?

    Report the study delay as soon as possible to your study advisor.

    More information can be found on the Study delay page on the Student Portal (log in with P- or S-number)
  • I am behind in my studies. Should I see the study advisor and/or a student counsellor?

    Report study delay due to force majeure to your study advisor as soon as possible. If the delay increases (or threatens to increase) to 15 ECTS, you must also report this delay to a student counsellor at the Student Service Centre as soon as possible. This is important, among other things, to qualify for financial support, such as the Graduation Fund. You are responsible for reporting delays in time. Here you will find more information about the Graduation Fund (log in with p or s number).

    Please contact the Student Service Centre via ssc-info
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