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Appling for a fixed quota programme

  • How do I apply for a fixed quota programme?

    You can apply for admission to a fixed quota programme via Studielink. The deadline is 15 January.

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  • For how many fixed quota programmes can I apply?

    You may only apply for a maximum of two fixed quota degree programmes in one academic year, with the exception of Medicine and Dentistry.

    This means that you cannot apply for two programmes in Medicine, but you can apply for Medicine and another fixed quota programme. For example: Dentistry.

    If you are selected for both fixed quota programmes, you will have to make a choice. You may only enrol for one fixed quota programme.

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  • I have already enrolled at the University of Groningen and wish to participate in the ballot for Medicine. Should I register with Studielink for the ballot?

    Yes, anyone who wants to participate in the selection for a fixed quota programme must have apply via Studielink for 15 January.

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  • I already have a HBO-V certificate and would like to study Medicine. Should I participate in the selectiont?

    You can participate in the selection, but with a 'HBO-V' certificate, you can also participate in the Pre-Master of Medicine (only in Dutch).

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  • Must my personal details have been verified before I can participate in the selection?

    Yes, your personal details must have been verified on 15 February.

    Verification entails comparing your personal details with the most recent details in the Persons Database (BRP).

    If identification via the BRP fails, you will be asked to bring a copy of your entry in the municipal register and/or a copy of your passport to the Student Information and Administration.

    Your passport must still be valid.

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