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Ubbo Emmius Fund / Alumni Relations & Fundraising


The University of Groningen has high hopes that alumni will stay in touch with us and with fellow students after graduation – for social purposes, to support us or to develop their career. The department of Alumni Relations & Fundraising and the Ubbo Emmius Fund support and organize activities and services for alumni. Mutual involvement between the University and its alumni is important to us. We offer various possibilities for continuing education and career counseling.

If you want to provide high quality teaching and innovative research, you have to invest. In buildings, laboratories, equipment, but above all people: students, teachers and researchers that come from all parts of the world. Fortunately, over the centuries, we have always counted on the support of our alumni and friends that are concerned with our university. Especially or its fundraising, the University of Groningen established the Ubbo Emmius Fund, named after the first rector of our university.

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Ubbo Emmius Fund / Alumni Relations & Fundraising
Postbus 72
9700 AB Groningen
T: (+31) (050) 363 7595
F: (+31) (050) 363 7598

IBAN: NL 37 TRIO 0784906009

Ubbo Emmius Fund / Alumni Relations & Fundraising
Oude Boteringestraat 44
9712 GL Groningen
T: (+31) (050) 363 7595
F: (+31) (050) 363 7598
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IBAN: NL 37 TRIO 0784906009

NameFirst nameTelephoneE-mailRoomFunctionExpertise
E.K. Ahovuori-Motta, MAElisa+31 50 36 39846Jr. Project Manager International Alumni Relations & Fundraising • Managing relations with alumni (donors and volunteers)
• Coordinating alumni networks and organising events abroad, including travel
• Coordinating the yearly international alumni ambassador programme, in which international students are prepared to become ambassadors of the university in their home countries
• Part of the website development team to improve the usability and relevance
• Approaching specific target groups creatively via newsletters, social media, press, brochures, website, etc.
• Translating website and marketing texts from Dutch to English
M.M. AmatdanomMuriël+31 50 36 375950009 (building nr. 1117)Secretary Ubbo Emmius Fund
D. Bosker, MScDerk+31 50 36 330111117.0018Program Manager
L.M. Evers, MScLisanne+31 50 36 387650016Project Manager International Alumni Relations & Fundraising
drs. E. KamphuisElise+31 50 36 371825411-153Senior Corporate relations and internship manager- corporate relations management
- facilitating internships
- analyzing labour market developments
- career advice
A. MeerburgAlida+31 50 36 37595Medewerker Evenementen Organisatie
C. TimmerRita+31 50 36 330611117.0006
S. Veltkamp, MScSandra+31 50 36 320020013 (building nr. 1117)
mr. G.W.C. VisserGerbrand+31 50 36 37442Gebouw 1117, kamer 0003director Ubbo Emmius Fund
J. Westerhof, MAJosca+31 50 36 375640012 (gebouw 1117)Project Manager / Fondsenwerveralumnirelations, relationship management, fundraising, project management
drs. A.J. WolfkampBert+31 50 36 354560013Project officercommunicatie, crowdfunding, fondsenwerving, Album Amicorum, Broerstraat 5, website, Mailchimp
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