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Sustainable constructions

The University’s energy use is determined by its size, i.e. the number of buildings, the amount of floor area in square metres, the actions of individual users and the business operations. As the University grows, and the complexity of teaching and research also increases, energy consumption rises and thus also the burden on the environment.

Electricity and gas use

Based on the figures from 2005, the University's annual energy consumption has been calculated as: 42,500,000 kWh of electricity, 8,000,000 m3 of gas and 140,000 m3 of water. As the number of buildings, square metres of floor area and students and staff, currently 22,500 and 5,000 respectively, increases, energy consumption and the burden on the environment have also increased. The total costs for energy – electricity and gas – in 2006 were nearly EUR 10 million.

Crucial to reduce energy consumption

Given the pressure on energy supplies and rising energy prices, it is crucial to limit energy use as much as possible in accommodation and new construction. By signing MJA III, the University of Groningen has committed itself to a results obligation of 2% energy efficiency per year for the entire term of the MJA (2005 – 2020). 2005 is the reference year. In practical terms this means that a total efficiency improvement of 30% compared to 2005 must be achieved by 2020. Over and above this, the University of Groningen as a high-level knowledge institute and Research Centre feels honour-bound to use energy sensibly and treat the environment with respect. To this end, the University is doing its best to ensure that its new construction will be as environmentally friendly as possible.

Current projects
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