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Paper and cardboard


Paper and cardboard waste includes all excess paper and cardboard that is generated mainly in office environments, including white as well as coloured paper and cardboard.


Portable paper bins are provided for disposing of used paper in offices. These can be obtained from Facility Management. The cleaners empty the bins into a large disposal container for paper or into a compacting bin. The container for paper is located centrally in the building and is emptied every two weeks.

The compacting bins are emptied on request. See FacilityNet.

The number of full containers and the amount of paper is recorded for each location. Containers for paper are emptied near the buildings according to an agreed route and schedule, as indicated on the route planner.

What can be put in the disposal container for paper?

Table 9.1: Overview of what can and cannot be put in the paper container              


No (= residual waste)

Gift wrapping

Computer printouts

Envelopes (with and without windows)

Corrugated (thicker) cardboard

Cardboard packaging


Printed documents


Printed advertising material

Writing paper

Telephone directories


Shredded paper


Carbon paper

Plastic punched pockets

Metal binders

Sanitary paper such as                                                                                                            

paper towels


Dairy packaging

Soft-drink packaging

Plastified paper

(identifiable because it is

difficult to tear)

Contaminated paper

Cardboard boxes must be flattened before you put them in the container. Do not put in soiled paper or cardboard. Remove plastic sleeves and covers. Folders/binders must not be disposed of with ordinary paper waste, but should be put in the container for archive destruction.


Paper and cardboard are recycled six times on average. Coffee cups, milk cartons and soft-drink cartons have a plastic layer and therefore must not be disposed of with used paper. Milk cartons, soft-drink cartons and coffee cups are disposed of with residual waste for recycling.

Extra information

The requirements for disposing of archives and confidential documents are set out in the section ‘Archive clear-outs, destruction of confidential documents and other data carriers’.

The large paper containers and Kliko bins must only be used for the temporary storage of used paper and cardboard. In accordance with fire safety regulations, the lid must be closed at all times, except when depositing items in them.

Wheeled container for paper
Wheeled container for paper
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