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Talent Development for researchers

A good academic is more than someone who knows a lot about their subject – more general skills are also vital. The University of Groningen aims to support its temporary and permanent staff in developing these general academic skills.


The University of Groningen provides support for academics at all stages of their careers via the Talent Development Programme led by Prof. Ritsert Jansen (Dean). A team of specialists, varying from Human Resources and Communications officials to senior researchers, will help you optimally develop your talents.

This is part of the University of Groningen’s aim to pay continuous attention to talent, starting with the Honours College (Bachelor’s and Master’s phases) and the Graduate School (PhD phase).

"The talent development team helped me train for an ERC interview, an experience I found extremely useful." - Pratika Dayal, ERC laureate

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Recent PhD graduates

If you have recently gained your PhD, how can you start climbing the academic ladder? You know everything there is to know about your own field, but how can you broaden your horizons? How can you acquire your own research funds? And how do you write a publication for a renowned journal? The Talent Development Programme can help you with these issues, via courses, personal supervision and a mentor programme.

Junior researchers

Once you have gained a few years of experience in conducting research independently it’s time to find your own job – for example in one of the Tenure Track positions offered by the University of Groningen, through which you can eventually be promoted to the position of full professor if you’ve got what it takes. The Talent Development Programme can help you with this too, for example by matching you with a senior researcher who will act as your mentor. In addition, we also provide assistance in writing large project applications, training courses to prepare you for the interviews that are often part of such an application, and a course in Academic Leadership.

Senior researchers

Even if you have already been in a Tenure Track position for a few years or have meanwhile found a permanent appointment, you can still learn new things. Presenting, writing, supervising – these are the types of skills you should keep developing as you climb the career ladder. The Talent Development Programme provides individual coaching programmes to help you build up your own research group, assist you in drawing up your grant applications and writing excellent publications, and much, much more.

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Dean Ritsert Jansen is Professor of Bioinformatics, and also the author of two books on talent development: Developing a Talent for Science (2011) and Funding your Career in Science (2013), both published by Cambridge University Press.


If you're an employee, go to My University (My University - Infonet - Work and Career) for more information about the talent development services for you.

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