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Tenure track

The University of Groningen Tenure Track system for academic staff members was introduced in 2003. The Track runs from assistant professor, via associate professor (adjunct hoogleraar) to full professor, a process that takes about ten years in total. If the career path is followed successfully, it will lead to a full professorship. The Tenure Track system has a strict selection policy, aimed at recruiting highly talented academics. For more information, see the Memorandum on UG Tenure Track Policy 2021.

During the Track, progress along the career path is regularly assessed. A great deal of attention is paid to the supervision of Tenure Track staff, and to guidance in developing their teaching and management skills.

The diagram below shows an example of a Tenure Track programme. The exact design of the career path varies per faculty, so if you would like more information about your options, please contact your own faculty.



Key features

Assistant professor (universitair docent)

Temporary appointment for max. 5 years

  • Selection by special Faculty Tenure Track Committee on the basis of predefined criteria
  • Annual progress evaluations
  • After 5 years: assessment by Tenure Track Committee to decide whether the next step can be taken and a permanent appointment can be awarded.

Associate Professor (adjunct hoogleraar with the right to supervise PhD students)

Permanent appointment, max. duration of this phase 7 years

  • Annual progress evaluations
  • After 5-7 years: assessment by Tenure Track Committee on the basis of predefined criteria. A positive assessment will result in promotion to Full Professor (hoogleraar) 2,
  • A less positive one to permanent appointment to University Reader/Associate Professor (universitair hoofddocent)

Professor 2

This is the end of the Tenure Track.

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