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25 September

Food systems
Akkeliene Postema, NMF Groningen

How did the Dutch food system become one of the most efficient on the world? What are the positive and negative consequenses of our food system nowadays? The world population is growing, in 2050 we need to produce 70% more food than we do now. Do we need to worry? Akkeliene Postema MSc, employee of the Nature and Environment Federation Groningen, will guide you through this questions and will show you that there are plenty of opportunities to make sustainable food choiches and contribute to a sustainable foodsystem. After her lecture we will look at some cases from her professional career and have a discussion.

Reading and video material
1. Less meat. Less heat. More life. (0:46 minutes)

2. The Extraordinary Life and Times of Strawberry (1:59 minutes)

3. Emerson Food Cam to alleviate college waste issue

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