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Tone of voice

Every day, the University of Groningen creates a massive amount of written communication. We send emails, draft newsletters, craft catchy lines for posters and update our websites with the latest and greatest UG news.

And while the content and quality of what we write is most important, the words that we choose and the style that we use can have an even bigger impact. As your mother probably told you: ‘It’s not just what you say, it’s how you say it’. The same is true for writing.

Finding our unique voice

As with people, organizations have their own voice. A style that is always recognizable, with words that match who we are and what we stand for. A smart, clear tone that makes you want to sit up and pay attention. A consistent approach that allows the reader to understand  that the University is speaking, no matter who is doing the writing. And there are a LOT of us writing. Below you can find tips on what matters to us, what to think about and how to style it. This guide will get us all on the same page, no matter who the reader is — a current or prospective student, a ‘stadjer’ (i.e. Groningen local), a journalist or a politician — our voice is always that of the UG.

Who is this guide for?

For anyone who writes on behalf of the UG — from president to professor, marketer to recruiter, administrator to curator — the Tone of Voice Guide will help you on your way.

Last modified:13 April 2021 3.53 p.m.
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