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Lunch & Learn: The Inclusive Teacher - Inclusive Course Design

When:Mo 29-04-2024 12:00 - 13:00
Where:House of Connections, Red Room

Rossi (2023, p. xix) defines inclusive course design as considering "the full range of human diversity with its complexity". If this sounds intimidating, in this session you’ll see that moving towards more inclusive course design is often a matter of taking small, practical steps.

Iain Johnston-White and Rina Fokel de Vries will present the third self-study unit of The Inclusive Teacher course that will soon be launched on Brightspace. This unit addresses various aspects of inclusive course design, such as how to apply principles of Universal Design for Learning, diversify a reading list to improve student representation, or make course materials more accessible to students of different abilities and backgrounds. 

During the session, you’ll have the opportunity to exchange experiences and views with your colleagues. You’ll als be given a taster of the practical applications of inclusive course design. Building on real-life examples, you can discover how small adjustments can have a big positive impact - for students, but also for you!  

The session will take place in English.

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