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Ruggesteun - Making Connections

In the project Ruggesteun - Making Connections , education and learning take center stage. The aim is to better support teachers in (re)designing active education. To do this, we are developing a platform for and by teachers. How do you (re)design your teaching so that the student's learning experience is even better? How do other RUG lecturers do this? Who can help you? 

The platform is based on didactics. Active Learning is central, with a focus on the use of educational technology: Blended Learning. The platform should play a role in (improving) teacher support at the RUG, so that we can provide even better education: active learning using online tools that match the way students (want to) learn. This fits in with the RUG's ambitious educational philosophy.  

On the platform, best practices are shared, links to online modules on (re)designing active education can be found and lecturers from different faculties can easily get in touch with colleagues, teaching support and other people who can help them with this.  

We are not doing this alone, but together with the future users of the platform: lecturers. This is how we make sure it meets their needs. One way we do this is by setting up a teacher focus group at each faculty, so that lecturers are involved in the design process from start to finish and the platform really is made for and by them.  

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