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Education Festival 2024: Culture, Context & Collaboration

The 4th edition of the Education Festival was held from the 25th to 28th March 2024 by Teaching Academy Groningen.

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Education Festival 2024

At the heart of the Education Festival 2024 was the theme "Culture, Context & Collaboration," echoing the university's commitment to education that transcends conventional limits.


At the heart of this theme is the celebration of diversity in all its forms. The festival aims to explore different cultures that shape our global society. Workshops and seminars will delve into how culture influences learning styles, curriculum development, and educational outcomes. Participants will have the opportunity to engage in conversations, promoting a deeper appreciation for the diverse backgrounds that contribute to the university's vibrant academic community.


The festival explores the changing context for academic education. Delving beyond cultural dimensions, this focus extends to the broader factors - social, economic, and technological - that shape the learning experience. This exploration aims to empower teachers to discern and respond to the external influences that characterize learning environments, fostering adaptability alongside proficiency in their chosen fields.


Recognizing that collaboration is a cornerstone of innovation, the festival will emphasize the power of collaboration. Participants will be encouraged to engage in interdisciplinary dialogues. By fostering a culture of collaboration, the festival aims to inspire new perspectives, stimulate creativity, and prepare teachers to educate students for a future where interdisciplinary problem-solving is paramount.

This inclusive approach invites diverse perspectives—from teachers and students, academic realms to social viewpoints—fostering engaging discussions. To amplify this exchange of ideas, a poster session will be organized throughout the Education Festival week.

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