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Drink & Discuss

When:Fr 15-03-2024 16:00 - 17:00
Where:House of Connections

Weiwei's PhD study is dedicated to improving student active learning in intercultural group settings. It delves into understanding student motivations, interactions, and competences development in these demanding (international and interdisciplinary) collaborative contexts. Her research also explores strategies through which educators and institutions can support students, ensuring the growth of all students involved. 

In the upcoming workshop, she will present her ongoing research, utilizing the Drawing and Talking Method to map out the peaks and troughs in student motivation and group dynamics within the interdisciplinary university Minor More healthy Years. The workshop is set to introduce concepts of self-regulation, social regulation, and co-regulation in the learning process. An engaging interactive portion is planned, where attendees will participate in role-play (as students, mentors, coordinators, clients) to analyze and interpret students’ drawings. These activities will offer insights into the students' 20-week learning journey in a team-based interdisciplinary program. The workshop will also include an open discussion forum, focused on strategies to improve student learning and the potential application of the drawing and talking method in course evaluations.

The session will take place in English.

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