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Research and results

Although much research is still needed into the effectiveness of ALCs, it is clear that an ALC in itself is not sufficient to activate students in their learning process. Crucial in this are, among other things, activating teaching strategies in which the teacher makes optimal use of the possibilities offered by the space. Research into student experiences indicates that students experience the didactics of a teacher within an Active Learning Classroom as more activating and that student performance is often better, even if students do not always expect active learning to lead to better performance. The relationships between active learning, teaching strategies and active learning classrooms therefore require further research.

The use of ALCs at the RUG

Within the project we investigate to what extent the ALC's within our university contribute to active learning of students and to what extent these ALC's invite other teaching strategies. We do this by asking teachers and students about their expectations and experiences with education in these rooms. In addition, we will set up observations in the ALC's in the future. By combining these three research methods/sources, we hope to be able to say more about the relationships between active learning, teaching strategies and ALCs.


The first results were presented at the RUG Education Festival 2022. The presentation can be downloaded here.

Next to that, research results have been presented at the 8th International Conference on Higher Education Advances (HEAd’22), from June 14-17, 2022 in Valencia:

  • Blom, B., van den Bosch, K., Beldhuis, H., Schreuder, P., & Timmerman, G. (2022). Do Active Learning Classrooms make for Active Teaching? In: Domenech, Josep (Ed.), 8th International Conference on Higher Educational Advances (HEAd’22) (pp. 231-238). Universitat Politecnica de Valencia. HEAd22.2022.14619

More information

The research is carried out by employees of the Faculty of Behavioral and Social Sciences. For more information, please contact the researchers of this project:

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