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Active Learning Classrooms

Our university wants to support and stimulate blended active learning, so that our students can generate, exchange and integrate knowledge. To facilitate this we have Active Learning Classrooms (ALCs). The ALC's are located in several buildings of our university. The ALC's are available for every teacher.

I want to know which rooms there are and what they look like

Active Learning Classrooms can be found in various RUG buildings. The capacity of these teaching rooms varies, but each ALC contains flexible furniture and several whiteboards and LCD screens. ALCs can be found in the following buildings:

  • Bernoulliborg
  • Duisenberg building
  • Harmonie complex
  • Mercator building
  • Equator

The ALC user guide describes in detail the facilities per ALC.

I want to visit an ALC

Do you need hands-on explanation about the Active Learning Classrooms? Book an ALC demo session! These are short demonstrations of approximately 30 minutes in one of the ALCs, in which the following topics are discussed:

  • The use of the flexible furniture;
  • Possible set-ups of the room(s);
  • Using the Airtame software to stream.

The demo sessions take place on various dates in 2023. You can sign up for an individual demonstration by choosing a time slot in Google Calendar. 

I am interested in using an ALC for my course(s)

Interested in making use of an Active Learning Classroom? Get in touch with your educational faculty support, or the scheduling office of your faculty.

Contact person(s)
Centre for Learning Innovation and Quality (CLIQ)
Economics and Business
Lisanne de Jong (Educational Quality)
Science and Engineering
Professionalization & Innovation in Education (PIE) team, Email: fse-pie
Other faculties
Consult your embedded expert.

Please note: it is important to inform the scheduling offices well in advance of long-term use of the ALC (for example for several lectures of the same course).

The availability of the ALCs can be checked via the RUG's digital schedule by selecting 'location' and using the search term 'ALC'.

I want to be trained in implementing active learning

The Educational Support & Innovation (ESI) department has developed the MicroLab Active Learning Classrooms. This is a practical training in which three things are central:

  1. The theoretical background of active learning;
  2. Applying active learning activities in your own course design;
  3. Performing active learning activities in an ALC.
I am looking for educational support

For educational questions about the use of ALCs or the application of blended active learning, please contact one of the following persons or organizations:

Contact person(s)
Centre for Learning Innovation and Quality (CLIQ)
Economics and Business
Lisanne de Jong (Educational Quality)
Science and Engineering
PIE team via fse-pie

Other faculties: please contact the Embedded Experts of the Educational Support & Innovation (ESI) department with your questions.

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I am looking for technical support
You can contact AV Support for direct support on location, via 050-363 8400 (Binnenstad) or 050-363 8500 (Zernike). Email:

Please be aware that we are still making improvements and changes in the technical support processes. Not everything is up to the desired quality right now.

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The ALC user guide also describes the technical specifications for the ALCs.


ALC demo sessions
July 4

Half-yearly project evaluation

October 31
MicroLab Active Learning Classrooms
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