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News archive 2019

Microplastics? Ventilate, ventilate and vacuum20 January 2020
Proefschrift Van Liempt voldoet aan standaard van wetenschappelijke integriteit20 December 2019
Research highlights of 201920 December 2019
Nieuwe bestuursleden voor De Jonge Akademie: Jeroen de Ridder voorzitter20 December 2019
Positive effect of medication for diabetes on renal function can be applied directly in clinical practice18 December 2019
Scientific director KNIR appointed17 December 2019
Nature, prosperity and happiness17 December 2019
Molecular motors and switches16 December 2019
Reinforcement insufficiently satisfies expectations of residents with serious earthquake damage16 December 2019
‘A good university is an international university’11 December 2019
ERC grants help two UG scientists to aim for the top10 December 2019
The epidemic of physical inactivity10 December 2019
Effects of heart failure exacerbated by selenium deficiency in the body10 December 2019
UG 8th on world list of 780 sustainable universities09 December 2019
‘Zwarte Piet is vooral een spiegel van de tijdsgeest’04 December 2019
Photo report: Scared of the 3D spider03 December 2019
Podcast ‘In de Wetenschap’ with Caspar van den Berg02 December 2019
Professor Katja Loos wins Research Award of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation29 November 2019
Researchers closer to understanding the mechanism behind North Sea Progressive Myoclonus Epilepsy29 November 2019
Red deer hardly react to wolf urine in the Netherlands and Poland28 November 2019
Accreditatie voor studentenvereniging Vindicat28 November 2019
Exhibition ‘Spitsbergen 79’ at the University Museum28 November 2019
Dutch Higher Education Guide (Keuzegids) 2020: Humanities are coming in strong at the UG27 November 2019
Dutch Higher Education Guide (Keuzegids) 2020: Humanities are coming in strong at the UG27 November 2019
Academy Building lit up orange for Orange the World27 November 2019
Stories of the dead26 November 2019
Imagining Science25 November 2019
Strategic partnership between Universität Hamburg and UG ratified22 November 2019
New estate monitor provides insight into (plans for) new estate development20 November 2019
Fighting for the right to demonstrate19 November 2019
Oldest evidence of salt production in Bronze Age Italy found along Tyrrhenian coast19 November 2019
Retirement Jan de Jeu: Board member from outside15 November 2019
Hong Kong update: safety first15 November 2019
Emeritus Professor Douwe Draaisma: ‘I’m a sucker for a good story’12 November 2019
Can we use silence to change public opinion?11 November 2019
Astronomers map new emission line to trace most common molecule in the Universe07 November 2019
NWO awards € 4 million to DIGITAL TWIN programme07 November 2019
House prices drop near large asylum seekers’ centres, but only outside cities05 November 2019
Ramping up to divide: An unstable protein is master switch for cell division04 November 2019
'Healthy eating is a human right'31 October 2019
Growth at the University of Groningen stabilizes31 October 2019
Preventing the rapid decrease in healthcare staff29 October 2019
Migratory birds are worse off in West Africa29 October 2019
Anderhalf miljoen subsidie voor onderzoek naar ontstaan van ADHD bij kinderen29 October 2019
Beter hergebruik van cholesterolreceptor verlaagt kans op hartaanval25 October 2019
Evolution is resetting the annual clock in migratory birds24 October 2019
Have a cup of tea with an alien23 October 2019
Heropening De Beurs; drie dagen feest RUG/Campus Fryslân23 October 2019
Zoology 2019: International meeting on Zoology and Behavioral Biology in Groningen23 October 2019
No arguing: it’s time to relax22 October 2019
Winners PhD Grants Sustainable Society16 October 2019
Climate change upsets reproduction in Arctic ecosystem16 October 2019
Nitrogen emissions pose risk to kidneys16 October 2019
Two thousand years of horse beans on the salt marshes15 October 2019
Meiden die ‘aan de pil’ zijn hebben vaker depressieve gevoelens15 October 2019
Roel Bekker to lead evaluation of decision-making process Yantai project15 October 2019
Camp executioner Josef Kotalla gained respect through violence14 October 2019
Demonstrating that it can be done14 October 2019
Down Under with Top Dutch (update)11 October 2019
UG measures darkness in the Northern Netherlands11 October 2019
Good and bad news about the flexible workstation08 October 2019
Making a splash in whale research08 October 2019
Jonge Ondernemingsprijs awarded to UG graduate Nutte van Belzen07 October 2019
Amina Helmi presents plans for Spinoza prize02 October 2019
‘Consumers need better protection’01 October 2019
New members installed into the Young Academy Groningen01 October 2019
Zpannend Zernike: backstage in the wondrous world of science and technology01 October 2019
Subsidie voor onderzoek naar leermethodes die handen nieuwsgierig maken01 October 2019
Aletta Jacobs Prize 2020 for President of House of Representatives Khadija Arib28 September 2019
New therapy reduces the influence of hearing voices in youth27 September 2019
Prof. Marleen Janssen awarded Royal Decoration27 September 2019
Explanation concerning 'Nieuwsuur'27 September 2019
Start of the Maak dat de kat wijs! (Pull the other one!) public survey into contemporary Dutch expressions26 September 2019
UMCG and UG aim to functionally accommodate particle accelerator at UMCG26 September 2019
Six galaxies discovered with scarce dark matter25 September 2019
Two unknown erectile disorders have major impact on quality of life23 September 2019
Start of MOSAiC – the Greatest Arctic Research Expedition of All Time20 September 2019
Imagining Science20 September 2019
Corporate Academy Tasting 10 October19 September 2019
Festive start to construction of the Feringa Building: ‘A historic moment’18 September 2019
New microscope shows the atomic structure of materials in stunning detail18 September 2019
Klokhuis prize nominations: spiders, wolves, children and 2000 year old chefs17 September 2019
When the wind blows from the wrong direction17 September 2019
Getting to the roots of Parkinson’s disease17 September 2019
Film & Science Night17 September 2019
Photo report: the map magician20 May 2019
Puigdemont livestream anchor13 February 2019
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