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Wubbo Ockels School for Energy and Climate Calendar

Empowered Energy: Public Decision-Making

When:Tu 07-05-2024 14:30 - 15:30
Where:Energy Academy Europe, Nijenborgh 6, 9747 AG Groningen

Want to learn about public participation in decision-making on energy, in particular in what ways people want to be involved in decision-making on energy and how that affects their acceptability of the decision-making and its outcomes. Join the lecture and Environmental Psychology Associate Professor Goda Perlaviciute will tell you everything you need to know!

Environmental psychologist Goda Perlaviciute from the University of Groningen explains that while town hall meetings may seem ideal for supporting local green energy projects, they don’t always deliver expected results. Involving individuals in these projects and discussions presupposes eventual project acceptance. However, people’s values and views significantly influence their willingness to participate in decision-making processes.

More information and registration

For more information and registration go to the New Energy Academy website.