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Here at UCG we really want to give you an idea of what to expect when you join us in September 2018. In the coming months, we will be giving you a small taste of some of the topics you will be covering, and the questions you will try to find the answers to, ranging from culture studies, psychology and economics to life sciences and physics. Every week for the next months we will give you a new text or video, with an assignment, which you can complete and get feedback on. Additionally, those students that complete at least five lectures and the corresponding assignments will receive the wonderful book 'A short history of nearly everything' by Bill Bryson (please note: applies only to those students who have applied to the Liberal Arts and Sciences programme at University College Groningen). At UCG we believe in students shaping their own education, so if you have a topic you would like an assignment on, please let us know, and we'll find an expert to challenge you!

You can find your assignments on the left. We hope you enjoy this small peek into the world of University College Groningen, and please check back here every week for an assignment in a different discipline. For any questions, please get in touch with us via

From January 8-11 we are organizing a Webinar Week at UCG.

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