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Our Student Accommodation

Housing Mission

UCG’s student housing for first-year students fosters a community- based living environment consciously designed to support personal growth and development that encourages inclusion, personal responsibility and respect for the rights of others while promoting intellectual community. This developmental growth outside the classroom is complementary to the skills learned inside the classroom during the first year at UCG and epitomises what students value in the programme, a challenging and interactive experience that supports development of teamwork and creative “outside the box” thinking. For these reasons, all first-year students are expected to live in student housing.

Because of the value that UCG attaches to the community living experience for first-year students, exemptions to this requirement are rare and are generally limited to extraordinary (medical) circumstances supported with documentation from a professional clearly explaining reasons communal housing is contra-indicated. Please know that already living with your non-marital partner (i.e., boyfriend/girlfriend) will not be considered a reason for exemption. Additionally, non-medical examples of exemptions are available if you are a parent and/or married.

To request an exemption:

1. Inform the admissions office ( about your decision to ask for an exemption.

2. The admissions office will ask you to make an appointment (through this link) with the study advisor to assess/discuss your situation and options available. If appropriate, the study advisor will advise you further in preparing your request.

3. Depending on the nature of your request, you may be asked to provide documentation, which will be treated confidentially.


The building, called Frascati, is managed by SSH: an independent non-profit organization providing student housing in Dutch cities. Once you're granted an offer to study at UCG, you will be informed about how to finalize your room reservation. Early Bird students have first pick in our student housing.

Accommodation Cost
Private furnished bedroom

Average cost: €500 per month - all inclusive. (The costs depend on the size of the room)*

(+€75 one-time registration fee, and you need to pay the first and last month of rent in advance)

* Note: the costs of the rooms are subject to change. The costs for the Academic Year 2021/2022 are not determined yet.

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