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Experience Day

Visit us during an Experience Day!
Visit us during an Experience Day!

UCG offers the opportunity for you to get a feel for the programme by attending an Experience Day. You'll spend a day with current and prospective UCG students. During the day you will attend an interactive lecture, learn more about the role and importance of project-based learning, tour the campus building and accommodation and learn more about practical matters such as the application procedure. The day will provide you with a true experience of what student life is like at UCG.

The next Experience Day is on:

  • Friday the 15th of March, 2019

What will the Experience Day look like...?

  • Dr. Elizabeth Mix, Head of Student Affairs, will welcome you and introduce the Liberal Arts and Sciences programme
  • You will take part in an interactive seminar, given by dr. Simon Friederich, on: "Risks to the survival of humanity: What are the most serious ones and what can we do about them?"
  • Dr. Bettina van Hoven, Academic Director of Education, will introduce you to the role of project work
  • We will guide you through our application process
  • You can enjoy a lunch together with the UCG students
  • Get a tour through our student housing: Frascati
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