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Narrating untold Stories with Visual Arts

Narrating untold Stories with Visual Arts

Date:15 March 2019
Author:Eva Steinhorst

When I was younger, I always thought I might be an artist one day, until I abandoned that thought and chose the safe and easy way: Social Sciences. I told myself, I’ll always do Arts next to everything else. However, in my first year of Uni, I was so occupied...


If only there was a Nobel Prize for budgeting

Date:08 March 2019
Author:Eva Steinhorst

My Bank account says zero, but I got 99 problems.. Unfortunately, I happen to have the most expensive addictions: A nice wardrobe and travelling. I’d trade meals for a new pair of shoes or flights to a cool place. Sometimes, I wish my ingenuity in budgeting...

Deep Talk

Deep Talk at UCG

Date:01 March 2019
Have you ever asked a stranger on the street about the meaning of life? have you ever discussed you hopes and dreams with the cashier? Unless you'd be the last drunk and lonely costumer at a bar who has nobody else to talk to, You would usually not do that...

Excursion to Prague

Date:22 February 2019

I live by the motto “work hard, play hard”. The great thing about that is, you don’t have to justify a five day holiday to Prague, as long as you’ve worked hard enough to deserve it. With a group of 14 people, we traveled there primarily to join our friend...

Shelter City Guest Louisa from Nigeria

The Shelter City Project

Date:07 February 2019

When you enter Human Right into google, you get the definition: “A right which is believed to belong to every person.” The universal declaration of Human rights states that all humans are “born free and equal in dignity and rights”, meaning that we are all...

New Years Resolutions

My 2019 Resolutions for University

Date:22 January 2019
Author:Eva Steinhorst

It’s already been more than a week since I’ve been back in Groningen and to be honest, it was quite a hectic start as the block is just ending which means a lot of final exams and assignments. Yet, I am happy to be back at UCG with all my friends and I’m excited...

Christmas in Malawi

Christmas in Malawi

Date:08 January 2019
Author:Eva Steinhorst

Addictions - We've all got them. Let it be music, substances, loved ones..

Part of the UGCE team

How UCG created the pathway for my future career opportunities

Date:03 January 2019
Author:Jona Haxhialiu

When you are in the last year of your studies, your mind buzzles around the possible career opportunities and the potential master programs which you will be accepted in. Time to make life-changing  decisions, the, what I call: seniors’ dilemma.

Exchange: It’s about to get serious

Date:17 December 2018
Author:Eva Steinhorst

The most stressful thing ever? Making decisions, definitely. And right now there’s a lot of decisions to make. The most important one: Where do we go for our exchange semester next year? Or, are we going to go?

The Shame Project

The Shame Project is back

Date:05 December 2018
Author:Eva Steinhorst

Being human means so many things. We should admit that we’re a pretty privileged species to be gifted with cognitive abilities that allow us to do incredible things. However, alongside with that intelligence also comes an immense complexity of thoughts and...

Why clean water transforms lives

Why clean water transforms lives

Date:24 November 2018
Author:Eva Steinhorst

Have you ever thought of water as a privilege? We have access to clean water whenever we want, all we have to do is turn on the tap. Have you ever considered how often you flush the toilet in a day? Or how much water must have been needed to produce the food...

Open Day

Open Day at UCG

Date:16 November 2018
Author:Eva Steinhorst

Leonardo da Vinci once said: “To develop a complete mind: Study the science of the art; study the art of the science. Learn how to see. Realize that everything connects to everything else.”

Nationality: Still in progress

Date:28 October 2018
Author:Eva Steinhorst

I travel every single day of my life. I rotate between places like Zimbabwe, India, China, Australia, the middle East or anywhere in Europe. Since last year, I’ve entered an ongoing cultural excursion without having to adopt a jetsetter lifestyle as there’s...

Should I stay or should I go?

Date:21 October 2018
Author:Eva Steinhorst

It’s 25 degrees on a Saturday afternoon. I enjoy the warmth of the last warm rays of sunshine on my face. I enjoy having all my friends around me, the atmosphere in the air. I hear and I feel the music. This is what an open air get-together in the Outskirts...

What comes next after I complete my undergraduate studies

Date:19 October 2018
Author:Jona Haxhialiu

It’s that time of the year when Master open days take place in Nederlands.. You might be wondering, isn’t it a bit too early for a 3rd year,who has just recently started her last  year, to be looking for a graduate study? Well, I would say the earlier you start...


Exchange: My Culture Shock So Far

Date:19 October 2018

Hey everyone! I have been studying in Arizona for the last two and a half months at Arizona State University. During my time here I have experienced a lot, and many things appear to be similar to the Netherlands, but some things are noticeably different. For...

Work-life balance

Prioritising work-life balance at UCG

Date:14 October 2018
Author:Eva Steinhorst

Hi everyone!

Being a First Year

Back in time: Being a First Year

Date:05 October 2018
Author:Eva Steinhorst

Today I want to take you on a time lapse. I’ll dive back into that time that I was a freshmen at UCG, which in fact is only one year ago.

Jona delivering a speech at the UCG convocation ceremony

And it all begins again

Date:03 October 2018
Author:Jona Haxhialiu

Dear readers,

Graduation Ceremony 2018

Graduating from UCG

Date:28 September 2018

When I was a kid, I had a rabbit called Rabatzi. Sometimes I let Rabtzi out of her cage in the backyard. I thought I was doing her a favor by granting her some freedom. To my surprise, Rabatzi did not hobble away into the nearby wheat field, but quietly sat...

Back in Groningen

Back in Groningen: Round 2 – Adventure ft. Academia

Date:21 September 2018
Author:Eva Steinhorst

Three weeks have now passed since I have left the outskirts of the Kalahari Desert to return to my other, more tame residence: the Netherlands. After having spent a large part of my summer 10 000 kilometres away under the hot sun in Botswana (Southern Africa)...


5 Things I have learned from being an Exchange Student in Australia

Date:21 September 2018

Even though for most of my fellow UCG classmates the semester has only just begun, mine, here in Australia, is already halfway over. I cannot believe how quick this time has flown by, and how little time I actually have left in this beautiful country!

Dutch market

Studying in Groningen: 10 Things every German student will experience

Date:20 September 2018
Author:Eva Steinhorst

I am Eva, a second year student at UCG and one of the many German expats in who reside in Groningen. When I tell people I study Liberal Arts and Sciences, I encounter many surprised faces as I belong to the few German students who don’t study Psychology or...

Monument Valley

My Exchange Bucket List

Date:21 August 2018

It has been two weeks since I left the Netherlands and travelled to Tempe, Arizona, in the United States of America in order to attend Barrett Honors College at Arizona State University. I have already found my way (well, most of it) around campus, and I am...

Bachelor’s thesis within Health & Life Sciences

Date:21 July 2018

To get a better view of different majors and what different students focus upon within these, this blogpost summarizes different thesis the students of the class of 2018 have written. The last semester of UCG, students spend 7.5 study-credits on their bachelor’s...


UCGlobal – My first weeks in Australia

Date:20 July 2018

It has been exactly 24 days since I tried to fit my entire life in my 50-liter backpack, said goodbye to my family (and, more importantly, cats) and got on a plane that took me from Groningen to the other side of the world. And let me tell you – these have...

Graduation Ceremony 2018

Graduating at UCG

Date:07 July 2018

After spending last month all day and night at the university library – thesis and essays unfortunately don’t write themselves – it was a relief to get back all grades and conclude I really was finished. I could now finally be certain when telling friends and...

Choosing courses at UCG

Date:18 March 2018

It is the end of March, meaning not only the end of block 3, but also preparing for block 4. Honestly, this doesn’t really require preparation, other than choosing your next block’s courses: A recurring festivity which every UCG student is involved with at...

UCG barbecue

Projects at UCG

Date:11 March 2018

Projects being fundamental to UCG and having to do tons of different projects throughout the years, you end your UCG career in style with the third-year final project.


How SA Caerus upgrades the UCG game

Date:04 March 2018

Last year, I have been very involved with UCG’s study association Caerus, as part of the board. My job within the board was to create and support committees and, in this way, build up the study association. Caerus has only existed for one year at that time,...

How UCG students start a thesis

Date:07 February 2018

Monday was the first day of the new, and last, semester. My friend and me spending the night in the Flixbus, getting back from visiting a friend on exchange in Berlin, we arrived just 10 minutes late to our seminar: Still in time for the 15 minutes-walk-in...


How is it to live on the UCG campus?

Date:26 January 2018

Looking out of my window right now, I see the colourful Museumplein in Groningen in the middle of the canals. Being right between the city centre and the central station is a building located called Frascati. This building functions as a housing facility for...

We can do it!

Every Disadvantage has its Advantage

Date:09 June 2015
Author:Tjitske Schokker, first-year UCG student

“It is time to elect a new Caerus board! As decided in the General Assembly, next years board will consist out of five people: chair, treasurer, secretary, external regulation officer, and a committee affairs officer.” - The applications are now open.

Trip to Schiermonnikoog

Island adventures and our final weeks at UCG

Date:01 June 2015
Author:Tjitske Schokker, first-year UCG student

Last Friday the time was finally here: we were ready to leave to the island of Schiermonnikoog for a weekend off with the students of UCG. After days of having my (cramped) fingers crossed, hoping that the weather would be good, it was finally time to take...

A fun weekend time to write that paper!

A fun weekend time to write that paper!

Date:18 May 2015
Author:Tjitske Schokker, first-year UCG student

66.28 kilometres. Three hours, eighteen minutes and twenty seven seconds and I’m back in Groningen.

Spring has arrived in Groningen

Spring has arrived in Groningen

Date:22 April 2015
Author:Tjitske Schokker, first-year UCG student

Finally, spring has arrived! Sunny days, endless evenings and barbecues in the park are here, just as we start the last block of the academic year. So I’m sitting outside in the sun next to the UCG faculty writing the very first student blog. Sitting here,...