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KEI-Week 2017: Sign-up now!

03 augustus 2017

Every year thousands of students can’t wait to start living the student life, and this year you are one of them! The best way by far, to dive into this lifestyle and discover your new city, is by participating in the KEI-week. This amazing week starts on Monday the 14th of August. Together with 12-15 other first years students you will explore Groningen, guided by senior students.

Is the KEI-week also fun for international students? Yes it is! Most events and all communication during the KEI-week will be both in Dutch and English. Some events, mostly those that take place during the day, involve workshops and lectures. While most of these are in Dutch, the KEI-committee has tried its best to offer multiple English lectures and workshops. During KEI to your Future, the biggest daytime event, there will be a wide variety of English spoken lectures and workshops. Also the cultural event More to Explore and Love, Lust & Lounge offer both Dutch and English program items. When you arrive there, you will be informed of the possibilities. So, don’t hesitate to participate in these events. And of course you can fully enjoy all fun events and parties.

A KEI-group is a mixed group consisting of both international students and Dutch students to stimulate integration into the Dutch society. This way you will meet a lot of new people and a mix of different cultures! Your KEI-leader is a Dutch student or an international student who has been living in Groningen for a while.

How to sign-up? Have a look on the website to register for the KEI-week and for an overview of the activities that take place during the week!

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