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Human Rights Defender from The Gambia Graduates

31 augustus 2017

This is Madi; he was brought to Groningen by the Shelter City Groningen project. In fact, he was the first human rights defender hosted in Groningen by Shelter City. Madi has been working for 20 years in the field of human rights and as a leading voice for human rights in the Gambia, because of this, he is under the radar of the authorities. He has been under surveillance (phone tapping, house visits, etc.) for a long time and the activities of his NGOs are also under close scrutiny. Madi’s name is on the list of high priority Gambians at the intelligence headquarters. During his stay in Groningen, Madi's goal was to link with organisations, institutions and individuals in the Netherlands involved in human rights work, to enhance his advocacy and communication skills and to raise awareness about the situation in his country. Madi’s stay should have been approximately three months, but because of a problem with the status of the Gambia, he was not able to return home. The Gemeente and UCG extended his stay, and Madi decided to enroll in the International Human Rights Law bachelor program. On August 24th, after three years of hard work, Madi graduated. He’s pictured here with his wife wearing traditional clothing which she brought with her from the Gambia. Way to go, Madi! Congratulations!

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