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May 18 and 19 -Workshops Combining Science, Arts, Technology and Society

Wanneer:do 18-05-2017 11:00 - 19:00
Waar:University College Groningen

On May 18th and May 19th a delegation of UK researchers and artists will come to UCG for some talks and workshops addressing some exciting ways to combine Science, Arts, Technology and Society! The talks and workshops will give you some hands on experiences and many experiences of experts. They are available for all your questions and you might use them for exploring project ideas.

You can sign up for workshops and lectures using this link:

The programme for these days is as follows:

Thursday May 18th: 9-11.00 Lecture: Owain Jones (BathSpa University) and Michaela Palmer (University of the West of England, Bristol): Arts and Humanities perspectives in studying intertidal areas

11-13.00 Lecture: Jon Pigott (University of Cardiff) and Antony Jones: the Aliveness Machine

13- 16.00 Workshop: Sonification (Michaela Palmer) To provide hands-on experiences of sonification (such as in Michaela and Owain' s Sonic Severn project, this workshop focuses on how colours can be analyzed and how this data can be translated into sound. Using colour palettes found in different neighbourhoods of the city, we will explore how being exposed to different combinations of colours might affect one's experience of a place (it being welcoming, intimidating, boring, comforting, ...), We will investigate how these experiences could be expressed as sound, by exploring a number of sound compositional techniques, and evaluating what kinds of listening experiences these could create. Students need no prior knowledge of sound composition, just an open mind and willingness to try out different techniques.

16-19.00 Workshop: Ecological data-translation/ outcomes and designs for applying the sensor and actuator technologies introduced in ‘the Aliveness Machine’ (Jon Pigott and Antony Jones): Working with ecological data collection and translation through situated explorations and technological experiments. Friday May 19th: 9-11.00 Lecture: Mark Palmer (University of the West of England): Technologies of inclusive wellbeing: case studies

11-14.00 Workshop : Projection Mapping (Michaela Palmer) In order to gain experiences with this exciting data translation method, in this workshop we will explore how we might be able to communicate different experiences of colour in the city in an engaging way, using projections onto models (a technique known as projection mapping). Better than a 2-dimensional approach, projection mapping can provide the illusion of depth and spatiality. Students will need to bring in photographs of streets, preferably rows of houses taken in a frontal view. In Photoshop, we will cut off sky and floor, and generate different colour schemes for the houses. We will prepare simple cardboard silhouettes of the houses using white cardboard, and project the images back onto the silhouettes. Using a custom-made software application we will be able to switch between different colour palettes with a button press, allowing us to compare and evaluate the impact of different colour schemes.

For information, please contact Bettina van Hoven:

You can find more information on the delegates here:

Owain Jones (Prof Environmental Humanities, BathSpa.

Michaela Palmer (Digital Arts. University of the West of England, Bristol. Jon Pigott (Cardiff Metropolitan Uni. Sound Art.

Antony Lyons (independent artist researcher.

Mark Palmer (Computer Science/ Creative technology. University of the West of England, Bristol.