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About Groningen

Groningen is a lively university city that has, on average, one of the youngest populations in the Netherlands. The city has a long and turbulent history which becomes evident from the historic warehouses, courts, and buildings. Groningen is also a progressive and modern city with numerous examples of innovative architecture within the city’s boundaries. In addition, it was once proclaimed the city with the best city centre in the Netherlands because of its charm.

Experience everything that Groningen has to offer!

Facts and figures
200.000 citizens in Groningen, among which 50.000 are students
15% of the students originate from over 115 countries
Groningen has an international character - on and off campus
University of Groningen is divided in 11 different faculties
The faculties are divided over 150 buildings throughout the entire city
One of the largest universities in the Netherlands
University of Groningen was founded in 1614, which makes it the second oldest in the Netherlands

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