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UCG Reserach Seminar: Examining the Dyadic Impact in Daily Life of Individual Participation in a Meditation-Based or an Active-Control Well-Being Program

When:Th 06-06-2024 15:00 - 17:00
Where:University College Groningen, Lecture hall 0121

The UCG Research Seminar series is dedicated to fostering interdisciplinary discussions and sharing innovative research within our faculty. During our next session, Dr. Christopher May will share the results of his study that investigates whether mediation practice can positively influence others.

Dr. Christopher May
Dr. Christopher May


Can an individual’s meditation practice benefit others? To help answer this question, my team and I conducted a study in which we asked individuals in romantic relationships to participate in one of two 8-week “well-being” programs: a mindfulness-based course featuring daily meditation exercises, or a positive psychology course featuring research about enhancing well-being. Both the course participant and their relationship partner filled out short daily surveys for 8 weeks. In this talk, I will present the results of our dyadic analyses of emotion, mindfulness, and relationship dynamics. I’ll then discuss the implications of our findings for understanding how and when the effects of meditation may spread between individuals.