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Project Presentation Day

When:Mo 19-06-2023 10:00 - 17:00
Where:Hoendiepskade 23/24, 9718 BG Groningen

Join us for an exhilarating showcase of interdisciplinary brilliance at University College Groningen's Project Presentation Day on 19 June 2023!

Our talented students have dedicated themselves to exploring captivating topics throughout the year. Now, they are ready to share their findings with the world! With a focus on innovation and societal challenges, Project Presentation Day promises to inspire and excite you.

Interdisciplinary topics

Delve into the enigmatic realm of 'identity' with us! Our students will unravel its multifaceted nature across disciplines ranging from cultural, linguistic to aesthetic dimensions. Discover the interconnectedness of the diverse approaches and unlock the secrets of what truly defines our identities.

Or step beyond the confines of traditional religion and embark on a captivating journey through lived spirituality. In a project about Spiritual Narratives, our students aim to uncover the hidden links between spirituality, religion and our everyday lives. Discover interesting projects such as Music in protestant worship, portrayal of catholicism in horror movies, or various aspects of Jabixhûs religious community.

If you are more interested in the science department, the Big Bang: The Science/Anti-science Annihilation project might be interesting for you. This project critically explores the heated and divisive discussions around the authority and role of science in the contemporary period. Dive into the fiery debates surrounding climate change, vaccinations, GMO crops, conspiracy theories and more.

There are more than 50+ projects no less exciting than those described. So make sure you save the date and come to enjoy this inspiring event at University College Groningen.

With topics ranging from civil rights movements and experimental philosophy to neurodiversity and unsustainable farming practices, there is something for everyone.

Don't miss this extraordinary event where creativity, intellect and interdisciplinary excellence meet. Join us for Project Presentation Day on 19 June and experience the limitless possibilities of knowledge and collaboration!

Background information

Projects provide the context for experiential learning. Here, existing and new scholarship is applied to practical situations, using collaborative problem-solving skills.

UCG is the only University College in the Netherlands to require students to work on interdisciplinary projects throughout their Bachelor studies. Projects are a special type of course in which students are curiosity-driven scholars. In projects, students collaborate with Faculty, field experts or local businesses to tackle real-world issues. With deliverables ranging between presentation, art installations, essays and more, Project Presentation Day is the culmination of the efforts put by students in the semester-long projects.