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Open Day 6 November 2015

On November 6th we hosted an Open Day at UCG. With a crowd of over 200 enthusiastic and curious people, we call it a great success. People were invited to listen to our Dean talk about what Liberal Arts and Sciences entails at UCG, they could attend a lecture on the majors we offer and they could pay a visit to the UCG student housing. If you want to get a taste of the Open Day be sure to watch the video. Also, we have presentations on various majors. Did you attend the Open Day and want to know more? Get the full UCG experience by signing up for 'Student for a Day'! One of our students will guide you around for an entire day to show you what it means to be a student at UCG. Have you not been able to attend this Open Day? You can sign up for the next one in January 2016 here! (registration opens in January 1st).

You can find all the presentations on the Majors here:

Health and Life Science Major

Humanities Major

Physics Major

PPE Major

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