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Dr. Marian Counihan

Dr. Marian Counihan
Dr. Marian Counihan

Name: Marian Counihan                          

Nationality: South African / Irish

Qualifications: BSc (Hons) in Mathematics, MSc In Logic, PhD in Philosophy

What you’ll teach at University College Groningen: IC2I, and first year Methodology (Logic and Calculus)

Marian has a broad academic background, with a bachelors degree in mathematics with a minor in philosophy, a masters degree in logic at the University of Amsterdam, followed by a PhD in philosophy/cognitive psychology, also at the UvA. Marian’s teaching is similarly broad. At UCG she is developing the project-based, socially engaged IC2I learning line, and also gives a creative introduction to calculus. Alongside her academic interests she also has her own business for the promotion and development of the South African handmade design sector. She is very interested in the role of creativity and social engagement in education and entrepreneurship. Originally from South Africa, Marian now splits her time between Groningen and Amsterdam, and maintains strong ties with her home country.


Marian’s research has been concerned with the development of logical reasoning ability and its relation to culture and educational context. She is interested in developing this further and her current interest is in the development of creativity, and cultural identity.

Personal Information:

My favourite food is… Avocado and chocolate (not at the same time!)

My favourite thing about Groningen is… Its size, ease of biking, and doing groceries at the Vismarkt

My favourite place in the world is… Probably Cape Town

Something most people don’t know about me is… That when I’m an old lady I plan to become a florist

My biggest achievement is… My PhD and creating a good life here in the Netherlands after leaving South Africa

When I’m not working… I’m with my two sweet children, biking around, talking to friends near and far, or working in my own business.

My inspirations are people. Everyone has something inspiring about them, but I am especially drawn those who joyfully and successfully carve their own individual paths through life.

Contact Information:


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