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Philosophy, Politics and International Business (PPIB)

Specialise in International Business in an international environment

International Business, Philosophy and Business is a specialisation in the Social Sciences major.

A wide variety of societal problems require a political solution, have an important business component and present ethical dilemmas. The major specialisation International Business, Philosophy and Politics provides for an interdisciplinary approach to developing international corporate strategies.

  • Combine International Business courses with Philosophy courses to obtain a broad outlook on complex, international challenges
  • Become a well-rounded individual who can address today's societal problems from different perspectives
  • Prepare for a career in international business by understanding the implications of matters such as ethical dilemmas and governance on international corporate strategies
  • Follow a specialisation that prepares you for Master programmes in International Business Management, International Economics and Business, Philosophy, Philosophy of the Social Sciences, International Organizations, etc.
  • Have a look at this presentation for a more in-depth view of what the major specialisation International Business, Philosophy and Politics entails

This is what a Specialisation in PPIB looks like year to year:

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