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Societies and Cultures in Transition

Major specialisation: Societies and Cultures in Transition
Major specialisation: Societies and Cultures in Transition

Societies and Cultures in Transition is geared towards understanding current societal and cultural changes. Change often leads to uncertainty, tension, and conflict. Yet, fundamental changes may be necessary to adapt our societies to the world of today and the challenges of tomorrow. Typical questions related to this specialisation are: Can societal changes be explained from the intentions of individuals? What is the role of culture in diverse societies? What are the societal consequences of economic and technological developments? How can we design effective policies to guide societal and cultural changes?

Many societies are currently experiencing significant changes. Environmental challenges force us to reconsider what we consume. Large-scale migration has resulted in increasingly diverse societies in which people from different cultures need to cohabit. Increasing globalisation has changed the global balance of power and has reduced individual countries’ influence on changes in their societies. Explaining and guiding societal and cultural transitions is a difficult task, especially in a complex and increasingly connected world.

The hands-on projects and interdisciplinary education at the University College Groningen will give you a unique, well-rounded perspective on these questions. The foundation for this specialisation is found in courses on Sociology, Social and Cultural Psychology, and Culture. Courses such as Social and Institutional Change and Social Complexity and Networks focus specifically on analysing complex social processes and transitions. Second- and third-year courses offer opportunities to specialise in specific societal transitions, such as globalisation.

This specialisation provides you with a foundation for work as a researcher, policy maker or advisor for local, national or international governments, teacher or entrepreneur.

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